I’ve been blogging since high school. Put a blog up, tear it down, save all my entries in a Word document. I can’t stop, there’s something very cathartic about blogging.

So now, at 26, I’m in a really incredible season of life. I get to travel a lot for work and make new friends daily. I have a ridiculously supportive family and group of friends. My lovely boyfriend, Ian, is so patient and kind and handsome and funny.  And I’ve finally found a creative outlet in crocheting my heart out, experimenting with sewing and baking sometimes delicious meals.

Thanks for reading my tales of life, love and homemade goodies.  We’re all on some grand adventure, and I’m glad you get to be a part of mine.


3 responses to “Introductions

  1. Colleen,am so happy,and a bit jealous(can I say that,as a Christian?) that you’re stepping out in faith,in a huge way like this,and completely,unconditionally available to what God wants to do through you,and in you — know that you have prayer/friend support flooding your way — I’m thankful to know you…love&blessings,Deb

  2. hi colleen, just put you to my blogroll. curious how your stay will be. enjoy!


  3. Colleen,
    Kelly gave me the link to your blog. What an incredible witness! When you get home, I’d like to talk to you about bringing your story to our church. Lead on for Jesus!

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