coconut trees in the front yard.

It’s my last day alone (well, without a group).  I haven’t done much, to be honest, outside of porch reading and skyping with loved ones and eating.

Tons of eating, too much eating:
Chicken in green curry.
Chicken in yellow curry.
Green beans.
Chicken in red curry.
Toast and jam.
Toast and cheese.
Vegetable curry (a).
Vegetable curry (b).
Gravy/soup with chicken leg and thigh.
Chicken drumstick.
Chocolate (candy bars, cake, ice cream bars).
Prawns in vegetable curry.

I repeat tons of food, too much food. All of it challenging the spice endurance of my tongue and lips.

I’ve enjoyed a lot of quiet time with the Lord. And I’ve relished in hearing from the first group and seeing the pictures they’ve posted.  This has been a time of preparation and rest to assure the second team gets all they can from this trip.  I’ve heard this is largely a group of young women who are international traveling first-timers.  What fun and heartbreak it will be to experience this with them, to see this situation through new eyes.

People here treat Americans differently than they did in Uganda.  In Uganda, people would yell “mzungu” and reach out to touch you.  Here, people stop, ask to take your picture and want to shake your hand, which might be understandable if I did something of worth outside of just showing up to their country.  I was reading on the porch this morning and some kids in a yard across the street saw me and started waving and speaking their best English to get my attention.

I took their photo.

All the kids here make me miss the kids I met a little over a year ago so much.  We haven’t been anywhere long enough to establish the type of relationship I did with the Ugandan kids.  And it makes me want to go back to Uganda sometime soon to just say, “Hello. I still care about you, and think of you often.”

This will be my last update until I get back to the United States in just under 10 days.  So I’ll leave you with some more pictures taken with the first team.

Can’t wait to share stories and photos from the second team.  Oh, did I ever mention we celebrated the new year with some Kingfisher beer, on a rooftop, jazzericising to early 00’s pop music, watching fireworks in the distance?  Oh, 2010…what an interesting start.

A really photogenic boy.

Just some monkeys hanging in a field.


Love you all, and miss you loads.  But no worries, I have mosquito weaponry.


2 responses to “coconut trees in the front yard.

  1. I love the pictures and can’t wait to hear all your stories and see more. Enjoy every moment of your last week there. Love and miss you bunches

  2. ah!! Mosquito fly swatter zappers… I used to make a sport out of those with my family in Taiwan. We’d have contests every night, first to 100. (yep.)

    Just wanted to say, I’m back home now, and American food still sucks. Enjoy your spicy cuisine.

    I’m so excited about round two for you. I know it will be an entirely different experience than our week together.
    Can’t wait to hear more! Be safe, travel well. Talk to you soon.

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