porch swings, Jesus and stray dogs.

I get lost in the busyness of the world I’m used to, so much so that I forget less is more.  I forget the simplicity of God’s all-consuming love for me.

This is the second time in the past two years that I’ve been carried away to a culture which hand washes clothes, primarily uses public transportation, and plays games in dirt as opposed to Grand Theft Auto.  How lucky I am!  How fortunate I am to get these opportunities!

I heard some disappointing news about a good friend of mine yesterday.  My response was just that, disappointment followed by anger.  Primarily because I thought their actions were an extremely poor testament to the Lord they so lovingly believe in.

But who am I to speak?  Recently, I haven’t borne any witness to my God unless I was confronted with it by a guy on the last trip.

Being away from all that hullabaloo in the States drives me to follow earnestly after God.  I desire to live a life that exemplifies the majority of Ephesians 5.  When someone asks for prayer, I want to do it there, with them, out loud.  My words are being lifted to the ears of the Lord, and I don’t want my self-consciousness to jeopardize those heavenly moments.  Being in India, specifically, makes me long to become more involved with my own community.

Father, thank you for these intimate moments with you that catch me by surprise.  I haven’t sought you in reading or in prayer, but you still manage to be near to me.  I love you.


3 responses to “porch swings, Jesus and stray dogs.

  1. dear colleen,
    first off- i love you and miss you! im so proud of you for being the person you are, b/c its inspiring. i know this wont be the last trip for make. please stay safe though and try not to stay away too much longer! im loving the photos. gosh, you take great photos! you know what im thinking? you should find someone in india to take macbook photos with. that would be EPIC and kinda funny! 😉
    love, mallory

  2. now is not the time for me to go into a long explanation of how i have not been a great friend to you… but please know that you really are in my thoughts and prayers than it seems. i care so much about you even if we’re not communicating. and i’m praying for you to have wonderful opportunities in india. my mom still keeps in touch with the indian natives she met when she was there and they have been such a blessing to her life.
    love to you.

  3. My dear sweet Colleen, glad to see God is reminding you that he is ALWAYS there but wants you to be there too. You have a spirit like no other and your expectations are over the moon but that’s what makes you YOU! When you read this drop everything and thank God for who he made you to be and know that I thank him daily for you my special hero!!! I love you to the moon and back

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