spice jetting away.


I don’t know how long it’s been, but I feel like I’ve been over here for ages…in a good way.  I don’t even know what’s happened in the past week and a half, but so much.

We were covered by three different news crews.  Once in a mall, once on the beach and once in a tribal community.  We met a circus elephant, and then became the main attraction as a crowd gathered to take our picture.  We met a community of previous and current workers in the “flesh trade.”  We were greeted with drums and saxophones and weird ritual dancing to a really great little hut community.

Frankly, I haven’t learned anything or witnessed anything about human trafficking that would shatter my heart as I was anticipating.  I’ve learned that Indian people are very pushy.  I’ve learned even if the food is setting my lips on fire, as long as it’s tasty I’ll still down it. I’ve learned to have discussions that go around in circles without getting irritated.  I’ve learned that situations such as this make 13 strangers suddenly become the best of friends.

I’ve also learned about the community in this country.  People care for each other and I think really, truly grasp how to live in a community.  Not like 27 people living in one house, but making your neighbors become your friends.  Celebrating special occasions together.  This is how we were created to be.  Not only borrow a cup of sugar from the neighbor, but bake cookies and share them over a cup of chai tea.  The next few days, I’ll be spending with Vijay and Anu.  Anu speaks very little English, but is so adorable.  She gives you a side hug and pats your belly.  And Vijay, always one to accommodate.

I’m a bit envious of the group that flew home today.  However, I am excited at becoming a temporary, small piece of this Indian community.

I love and miss you all. Photo time!

Cruising along in the train.

We were greeted with homemade real flower necklaces.

A man.

A mother and child.

Trying to get her to maintain a smile as I was holding the camera was a riot.

Chase and I with some kiddos.

Just some boats on the beach.


3 responses to “spice jetting away.

  1. Doing a little happy dance for you!! Great pics…what no elephant pics?? mmmmmm….tea. Chris Shetler said to have you bring me tea back….the tea is awesome!

    Love ya, ma

  2. alright. you’re way more awesome than I am. How on earth have you posted so many times? I kinda suck, and need to get to work.
    Love the photos. Miss you and India way too much. Give some Naan a hug for me, and teach Prem a new dance move. Seriously.

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