mumbai, bombay, calcutta, kolkata.

I’m standing up at a complimentary internet service computer with a terribly sticky keyboard.  As in the keys get stuck, not my fingers feel like they’ve been dipped in honey.  I haven’t showered since Christmas day, and feel sort of disgusting, oh well.

After my dear, sweet boyfriend dropped me off at the Newark airport, we had a day of orientation that ended with a 7ish hour flight to Brussels.  We had two hours in Brussels that was mainly spent going through security.  From Brussels, we hopped onto our 9ish hour flight to Mumbai.  We went through customs and it’s currently 3am here.  Awesome.

Shortly before 7am, we’ll take off on our final flight segment to Kolkata and this adventure will really take off.  I don’t promise many updates as I’m completely unsure of internet access, but I’ll do my best.

Loads of love.


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