awake thou that sleepest.

Eight months ago, when I stopped writing, I thought it would be much harder than it was.

However, after a couple of not so fun years, I felt like the Lord was leading me to a season of joyfulness, happiness and contentment.  And for some reason, in the midst of following after that feeling, I also felt I needed to stop writing in a public forum about issues that had been chaining me to valley of depression and discontent.

The short of my life over the past eight months: moved back to Nashville, started living in a house with 6 other people, managed the summer Christian festival circuit for a magazine, found myself a ridiculous boyfriend, visited Ohio a lot, toured the east and midwest selling merch for some lovely CCM artists, and (the reason I’m breathing a new life into this blog) was asked by my dear friend, Sarah, to lead two trips to India for Faceless International.

She asked me to pray about it.  I did.  I didn’t get any audible word from the Lord saying “don’t go,” so I’ll take that as his stamp of approval.  I leave two days after Christmas with the first group and will return on January 19th with the second.

The main purpose of this trip is to raise awareness about human trafficking, how it affects the Indian culture and learn what we can do from a practical standpoint in the US.  We’ll be doing a few community projects while we’re there, as well as walking through some red light districts.

I want to be excited about this trip.  I am excited about this trip.  But I know as hard as I try, that I cannot fathom the heartache that will come in witnessing young girls being sold and not having the resources to do anything about it. I look forward to coming back home with a different perspective on the seriousness today’s slave trade towards which so many of us turn a blind eye.

However, I am thankful for this opportunity.  And in the spirit of Advent, I am thankful for the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ, and the coming of very good things.


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