one week later.

I feel completely lost.  I miss the children so much, but I am rejoicing in being home.  I have no idea what the next step or the next chapter is.  I am stressed out and I feel like the culture shock is working in reverse, and it’s not so much a cultural thing as it is a personal thing.  Each day and every moment I ease back into the comfortable life I knew.  I am sickened by it and how easily I feel dependent on worldly things again as opposed to Jesus.

It’s a really weird and uncomfortable state of mind to be in.  But then I remember moments like this (see below) and I remember how just weeks ago Jesus was moving in me, how these children brought me all the happiness in the world, and how my heart opened up bigger than I ever allowed it to in the past.

Meet Gift…with a surprise appearance by Mercy.


5 responses to “one week later.

  1. aw that’s awesome. hi gift!

  2. Why do you teach these things that scare me???

    I love GIFT!

  3. You were right there only days ago!! Incredible. Thesse children know your name, will forever have memories of you and love you dearly. YOu peed in a hole, with good aim.
    It’s not that this WAS you, this IS you. (sounds weird 😉
    THIS IS WHO YOU STILL ARE!! I don’t know how that translates into everyday, but this wasn’t just a trip you went on… this is Colleen Watson.

  4. Aww…I loved that vidoe very much. I love Mercy laugh!!

  5. I, too, have post-ugandan depression! I was only there 10 days, I can’t imagine how it feels after a 3 month visit. I loved reading your entries. You have truly been blessed by your time with these children and I know they have also been blessed by it!

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