signing off from Uganda.

This will be my last post from Uganda. Today is the last designated internet day, so next time I update I’ll probably be in the comfort of my dad’s living room (Dad – I accept the job offer, and I’ve put bells on every cow I’ve seen).

It’s weird to see this come to an end.

Rewind: September to December 2007

I was dating Matt and was led to believe we would eventually get married. Those three months produced some of the best and worst relational memories I have. His career really intimidated me and I created completely unwarranted insecurities about myself. When it ended, I was devastated. That devastation set the tone for my college graduation, Christmas, New Years’ and the better part of 2008.

Back to the present: September to December 2008

If Matt and I had continued dating, chances are I would probably be married or planning a wedding. I can with (almost) certainty say I would not have come to Uganda for three months. I’m sure I would have been content with Matt. But there’s no way you could get me to trade the time I’ve spent in Uganda for anything.

It’s mind-blowing how three months can change your life. I don’t know what passion God wants me to pursue next. Coming to Africa has been that passion for three years. What’s next?

I don’t know. I’m waiting on Jesus, and if I have to wait on Jesus until the day I die…I’m ok with that.

However, I do know a few things.

A group of nearly 30 Ugandan children can instill in you the confidence you thought you’d never regain.

It took being halfway around the world for me to really forgive my mom, and to realize that she loves me despite my awesomely awful moments, which can last for months on end.

Jesus had to take me away from everything to get me to trust Him with my heart again. Next time it breaks, I will do my best to know that yes, it is Jesus’ will, and yes, His love is more than enough.

I can pee in a pit latrine and take a bath out of a bucket for three months if necessary.

My friends love me, immensely. My church loves me, immensely. My family loves me, immensely. I have been blessed with an insanely great support system. None of you realize how wonderful it was to hear your voices, receive your comments and emails and open your packages. Thank you, one day I’ll find a way to repay you.

Beans and rice cannot sustain me for three months, but Auntie makes the most amazing eggs.  And a rolex is all I need for lunch.

I can barter, decently. For instance, I got a boda-boda to the post office today for half what the driver told me at first.

If the adoption process were easier, I would seriously consider taking some of these children home. Seriously.

For the first time in a year, I’m looking forward to going somewhere, back to Bolivar to live with my dad. I moved to Nashville heartbroken. And coming to Uganda came with a lot of anxiety, which I never handle well (and that explains why I hate roller coasters).

This last week has flown by. And while I am looking forward to being in the States, my heart aches to know that in a week, when I’m tired of the silence, I’ll want nothing more than to hear the cries of Frida, Nisha and Gift.

If you ever plan on traveling to a third-world country for an extended period of time, take what you think you’ll end up spending and multiply it by three. That should be enough.

I’ve learned so much about myself, and I’m incredibly thankful for who these children and this place forced me to become.

Stay tuned. Once I get home, I’ll be uploading some photos and making some vlogs with the footage from my time here.

I’ll see you soon.



One response to “signing off from Uganda.

  1. Marta Pallares Garrido

    Dear friend,I have enjoyed very much reading about your feelings and thoughts while in the orphanage. Since I left the orphanage on the 24th of November, my mind has been there many times a day, you will feel that too. I feel I left part of my heart there. Probably I learnt much more from those kids that they learnt from me. Much love from Aunty Marta.

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