Entebbe. day two.

I’m sorry about my mini-breakdown yesterday.  I was stressed and frustrated.  Today is better.  Things are very promising that I’ll get my package for approximately 92,000 shillings.  Transport back to the orphanage will be an adventure.  I figure I’ll just shimmy shimmy what and have the conductors or other matatoo passengers assist me with getting my package from one matatoo to the next.

I’ll attempt to post again later, but for now I want to make the most of this speedy internet connection and share some pictures.  Lots of pictures, including an entire sequence.

lily-for-lillyA while ago Sherrie told me Lilly wanted to see another picture of Lilian.  So, my American Lilly…here is your long overdue picture of my African Lily.  We were at the well when this was taken.

at-the-wellSpeaking of the the well, while Lilian and Teddy were busy getting water, Moses and Jacky were busy lounging in the tall grass.

bernahBernah has just completed her S4 (equivalent to a sophmore in high school) exams and is really excited about being an “A” level student next year as opposed to an “O” level student.  She’s really fantastic.

pl-inHave I ever actually shown you the inside of the pit latrines?  In the time I’ve been here, some of the volunteers have sponsored getting the latrines tiled.  A nice thought, but the flies stand out way more now.  I love peeing to an audience.  Kidding.

Begin grasshopper sequence now.

grass-1One day, I came home and the kids were all gathered around a metal dish with green things.  Halima explained they were grasshoppers and it’s a real treat in Uganda.  Paul demonstrates the first step to eating one.  Open mouth. Insert grasshopper.

grass-2After a bit of frying, I joined in on the “fun.”  I don’t know why, no one really egged me on.  I just wanted to be able to say I ate a grasshopper in Africa, I guess.  Crunch, crunch.

grass-3And immediately after swallowing the grasshopper, I guzzled about a quarter of my daily intake of 3 liters of water while the kids cheered and wanted more.

End grasshopper sequence now.

best-mealThe absolute best meal 3500 shillings (less than $2) can buy.  G.nuts (very similar to peanuts), orange Fanta, roasted sweet corn, a rolex, and a Cadbury Dairy Milk bar for dessert.

mercy-meMercy at her finest.  I think she belongs in a cartoon.  She is so charismatic, from her laugh to her mannerisms and her little, high, squeaky voice.  As ornry as she often is and even amidst all the trouble she creates, she’s really darling and I adore her.

frida-nisha-2In addition to adoring Mercy, I pretty much adore all of these children.  Here’s Frida and Nisha.  Frida is a teradactyl.  Not kidding.  She has a raspy yell that she lets out when she doesn’t like what is going on.  For instance, I’ll throw her in the air and catch her or flip her upside down (two things kids often seem to enjoy), Frida yells and frowns at me.  Nisha has got the most personality I’ve ever witnessed in a girl of two, she and Ella rival each other.  Nisha is brillant and bubbly.  It’s hard to remember her little body is one of three here battling HIV.  You’d never know though, she’s my chunky monkey.

frida-nisha-3I hope Nisha and Frida stay best friends forever.

giftI couldn’t let Gift’s faithful fan base down.  And it’s rightfully so Gift has so many adorers.  He was the first to shimmy shimmy what and he’s all around a pretty fantastic little guy.

I love you and I miss you…but I’m getting a package today.  WAHOOOO!


3 responses to “Entebbe. day two.

  1. Oh Colleen! Your pictures and captions are making me well up! It’s Jenny by the way…i found your blog through an epic google search. I miss Frida and Nisha! They can scream in my face anytime they want!
    Beautiful pictures by the way
    Love love love x x x x x

  2. Hi Sweetie. I am crying and I don’t know why. It happened with Nisha and Frida. Love them up for all for us. Thank you for being our eyes, hands and hearts. We love you so much.

  3. This is what i think you should do… Take the packaging from the stuff I sent, put Gift inside of it, write “Return To Sender” on it, take it back to the airport or wherever you picked it up from, tell them there must have been a mistake because this is not the correct package, and in about 3 weeks I will have Gift in my arms.

    Good idea? I thought so.

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