i didn’t mean to come to Kampala.

I left the orphanage this morning with every intention of just going up the road to go to an internet cafe in Nansana.  Well, the internet cafe I tried was out of service. So I hopped on a taxi and came to Kampala…alone.  This is a very major first.

I have no photos, so don’t anticipate them.  However, come Monday…I think I’m going with Zena to the place she’s kind of working at.  They have semi-fast, wireless internet.  You can expect a decent entry with pictures.  The internet situation back at the orphanage is getting more complicated everyday and I’m not going to bother with explaining it on here.

I am trying to make this trip to Kampala worthwhile, so I also exchanged my last $50.  I’ve withdrawn money once from the bank (with a $25 fee?!) and have now exchanged all my US money.  Financially, I’m sound for the next month.  And actually, I’m quite proud with how I’ve budgeted this trip.  And if you’re wondering, $50 equals 92,500 shillings.  Awwww, yeah!

And to everyone in Nashville, I got an email today with contact information for a guy named Jimmy regarding my “air freight to Entebbe from Tennessee.”  Rest easy, I should be getting the package sometime this week and I CANNOT wait.  Really, I can’t wait.  Kaley and Adam, you’ve built this package up big time…so to everyone who contributed in one way or another…thank you in advance from me and the children. 

Dang, there was something else I wanted to write in this post, but I don’t remember.  Therefore, it couldn’t have been all that important.

I love you and I miss you, but I have ten minutes left and this may take that long to actually post.


2 responses to “i didn’t mean to come to Kampala.

  1. Hi Colleen- Still loving your posts. Your walk for God is just wonderful to read. We just talked Aunt in Cleveland and thought you might like to know–It’s snowing in Ohio! They might get 3″ today.
    Have a great time these last few weeks. The memories God blesses you with will carry you for your lifetime. In his love and in our prayers May you be greatly blessed. Mary Alice.

  2. Now…because it took so long to get to you, there might be some things in the package that would no longer be useful to you… They may be a little stale. You will see when you open it. Keep me updated.

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