my mom has the sweetest voice on the planet.

Everytime my phone rings and I see it’s my mom’s number, an indescribable amount of glee comes over me.  There is something about hearing her voice and the updates on life in Ohio that keep me from becoming overwhelmingly homesick.

My little sister is driving legally now with her permit.  Insane. 

I started working at St. Joseph’s on Wednesday.  I go there from 8:30 am to 1 pm.  We have a half hour break at 10:30 am and they serve the teachers tea.  It is incredibly sweet, and I love it.  It may be my favorite part of the morning.  That or the glances I get from Matovu, Natasha, Allen and Peter as I sit in their classes.  All the other students are so excited that a mzungu is in their class…but for those four kids and the others from Another Hope who see me on break, they get a few extra cool points for actually knowing me.  It makes me feel special.  I was marking papers all week, and on Monday I finally get to go to the blackboard to do the corrections on the papers I was marking.

Yesterday, Kim and I took the three older girls (Halima, Hellen and Bernah) to Hotel Ivory to do a spa day of sorts.  We all got massages and sat in the sauna and steam bath.  It was wonderful.  The massage was 45 minutes long and cost 10,000 shillings.  Pretty much it was the best way I could have spent less than 6 dollars in under an hour.  Ah-mazing.  When we got back, I goofed around outside with all the kids.  We did some flips and cartwheels.  In the late evening, I laid the smackdown (not literally) on the kids who have lost their toothbrushes.  I was really frustrated.  Today, I bought them all toothbrushes.  I gave the kids who didn’t lose their toothbrushes some biscuits and those who had lost them just got a new toothbrush. Ha! Punishment at its finest and least physical.

Today is the 5 weeks-to-go mark.  So far I’ve seen three going away ceremonies for four people.  Three of the people have arrived and left in the time I’ve been here.  It’s weird seeing so many come and go, I know in just over a month I’ll be one of them.  It makes me wonder how these children cope with growing attached and then letting go to so many random people.  I hope their hearts aren’t hardened by it.

Chani and I are going to Hotel Ivory tonight for dinner.  The constant noise of the orphanage is almost too much to bear at times.  It’s nice to escape and feel like I breathe for a second without a crying baby or loud music.

Now, as for those cartwheels…

img_2153I don’t know when the last time I did a cartwheel was.

img_21641Have you met Peter yet?  He’s 14 and thinks he’s too cool for school.  He never listens to me when I try to be authorative.   But would any 14-year-old boy?

img_2168Directions: 1) Draw with sidewalk chalk on the ground. 2) Rub face on ground. 3) Bob and Kato so proudly model the results for you.

img_2186I love letting them play with my hair.  I wear it up most of the time, so when it’s down they are all fascinated with it.

img_2190Have I told you how we wash clothes?  I do my own laundry, but Sandra’s four-year-old hands are far better at this task than mine could ever dream of being.

I love you and I miss you, but it’s time to escape from this insanity a bit.  Jesus loves you too.


4 responses to “my mom has the sweetest voice on the planet.

  1. shannon’s driving! craziness. nice cartwheel!

  2. Hi Sweetie. I am on the phone with Gma Honey right now. When I read “5 weeks to go” she finally took a breath. Your cartwheel was awesome. Your mission is so evident. We can’t wait to wrap our arms cle-e-e-e-e-ar around you! We love you and we miss you. Wiggle hugs. Gma Honey and Aunt Carolyn

  3. I ditto Aunt Carolyn I want to snuggle on the couch with you!!!
    I LOVED the cartwheel and I wish I could hear your voice; I told Eric I need a international calling card to call you!!! I love you, I miss you and I am so wish I was there with you =)
    Much Love

  4. Uuuuhhhh….you need to go get your awesome Haber Care Package that has been in limbo for a few weeks. I want you to be able to enjoy some of it that is just for you in your remaining time.


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