pictures to satisfy your weary soul.

Lots of people are here now.  We had a voulunteer meeting today.  It was really very good.  I was a little stand-offish at first, because I’ve gotten quite comfortable in my routine here.  But today, we established as a group a system to use to create a sustainable difference by hopefully introducing and encouraging a schedule.  We’ll all be doing a lot of the work here, but with the kids.  Therefore, when we’re all gone…hopefully we’ve instilled enough of a routine that they’ll carry on with the volunteers to come in the future.

Colleen’s tasks:  6:30ish AM – Wash the school kids that don’t bathe themselves well enough quite yet.  7:00ish AM – Wash the breakfast dishes.  9:00 PM – Sana manu and bedtime.  There are various periods of open activity where I will continue to tutor the students, but I’ll be doing it on a lesser scale now, probably dividing the kids and only tutoring half of them each day.  Why you ask? 

I walked up to St. Joseph’s primary school today (where the kids go), walked in the gate and asked for the headmaster’s office.  I was directed.  I told them I wanted to help out in the mornings in maybe an English class or something.  So next Wednesday, I’ll go back and start helping.  I probably could have had my own class, but I feel much better suited assisting someone.  I met a Ugandan teacher there, Justine, she was really sweet and entertained me for much of the time the matron was in the church service.  She teaches P5, P6 and P7 English…so it’d be a dream to help her.  Wish me luck…

Now, now.  It’s been a long time with no pictures.  If the internet cooperates, here comes a load…in chronological order.

RAFTING!!! FINALLY!  Notice my position, second from the front on the right. Red shirt, yellow helmet.  I remain in the same position for the following sequence.



…and I’m gone.

Remember that time when I got sick at the introduction?  Well this was pre-deathly ill and post-dressed in a gomo (gomet? gomi? gomy?).  We’re with Big Brother and his family.  His wife, Annette, let us wear her get-ups and dressed us.  Dear Chani, Zena and Jenny…I’m sorry I wasn’t able to stick it out.

Ronald. Outside.

Matovu and Frida. The moments where the older kids become extremely gentle with the little ones make my heart leap.

And these moments and the memories they’re leaving me will forever make my heart leap.

Gift, and lots of stickers, on his face.

Mercy, and lots of stickers, on her face.  She just wanted the photo time Gift was getting.

I love you and I miss you, but there are a lot of people here and we’re working together just fine. And one major thing I forgot to mention…yesterday, Zena, Jenny and I conquered Kampala all day by ourselves. 


6 responses to “pictures to satisfy your weary soul.

  1. love the pictures! miss you and love you bunches!

  2. Thank you for sharing the pictures. I could hear your voice telling me about your rafting when I was looking at those pictures and it made me smile!! Lilly, who is still not feeling well, would like to see a picture of your african Lillian when you get a chance =) ha ha
    Glad to hear all is going well with the extras. Keep up the great work you are doing!
    Love you bunches

  3. the rafting photos are amazing! and i swear if i were there, i’d hog gift all to myself… squeezing his fat little cheeks often! =) i really hope you get the teaching job you want though. that’d be good for you! love you.

  4. Colleen, A small lesson I learned the hard way, and need reminded of from time to time that I will share. I’m prone to go barging off like Peter to change the piece of the world where I’m at. Sometimes Jesus shows up to wash my feet because I need to be humble. Then He gracefully shows me that the most important thing is not the physical things we leave with those we serve, but the spiritual. Above all, leave them with Jesus. Now you have more time than ever to do that. Jesus didn’t take you to Africa for His Word to come back void. You’re His hands and feet, a blessing from afar to these children He loves. Press on towards the goal!
    God Bless!

  5. Mallory, I already asked Colleen to bring Gift back for me. I will fight you for him.

    And Colleen, I am glad you did not die doing something that you could very easily have done in East TN. Love the Rafting pics.

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