sick. sick. sick.

I’m sorry it’s been quite some time since my last post.  Since Wednesday, I’ve been battling the flu.  Let’s recap:

Wednesday: Woke up feeling quite ill.  I was all sorts of achy and pained.  No good, at all.  Spent the day in bed.

Thursday:  Felt significantly better, thought I was on the up-and-up.  Still spent most of the day in my bed to recoup, but made it out of my room for the pit latrine and food, not simultaneously.

Friday: Woke up with a killer sore throat, but for the most part just felt better.  I dressed, put in my contacts, cuddled some babies, returned some emails, tutored some kids…started feeling ill again.  I came in my room to lay down.  I did manage to make it out to the Hotel Ivory for dinner with Chani, Zena and Jenny, but left shortly after I ate because I was just feeling awful and achy again.  Came home, curled up in my bed and slept.

Saturday: Had Halima take me to the clinic for a malaria and typhoid test.  Both results came back negative.  I’m just sick. Fantastic.  Cost me all of 6000 shillings, or $4.  Stopped at the mobile disc library on the way home and picked up Felicity, season one, part one.  Came home. Laid in bed, watched Felicity, ate fruit, drank water, took Aleve.  Slept.

Sunday: Woke up, throat still sore, a little groggy.  Took Aleve, got dressed and put in my contacts.  It was Ruth’s sister’s wedding introduction.  We went to Big Brother’s house where his wife put the four mzungu girls into gomos(?), a traditional African dress.  We have pictures, you’ll see them when I’m fully recovered.  We looked ridiculous.  For the most part, however, I was feeling better.  We arrived where the ceremony was to take place quite early.  I don’t know if it was the heat or that my off-brand Aleve was wearing off, but I started getting very ill again.  I finally took Ruth up on her offer to lay down inside somewhere.  I laid in a room, on a woven mat, on the cement floor.  The coolness of the floor felt rather nice, until I started shivering.  My fever had come back full force.  It was awful.  I started to cry at one point.  I was so miserable and I just wanted to be at my mom’s house in Ohio so she could put a washrag on my forehead.  Finally, Ruth arranged to have some of her friends take her car (with me) back to orphanage where we picked up Halima and they dropped us back off at the clinic.  I saw the doctor this time.  He said I had laringytis.  I don’t know if that’s the truth, but he gave me a steriod, a pain reliever and an antibiotic.  The entire thing was 10,000 shillings.  I came home, took the medicine.  Ate some pineapple which stung my throat.  Took my washrag, made it yet, folded it up and pretended my mom was putting it on my forehead.  Fell asleep.  Woke up, peed in the pit latrine.  Dear Lord, forever and ever, you are guaranteed an incredibly thankful moment from me everytime I use a toilet bowl again.  I’m not joking.  Started sweating, knew my fever was breaking.  What a relief.  Slept.

Monday: Today. I woke up, took my medicine, ate some breakfast.  I am a sweaty, hot mess.  I am feeling better than I was yesterday, which isn’t saying much.  Ruth is letting my use her laptop to access the internet and check my email.  I got an email from the doctor I saw yesterday, which I was expecting.  There’s a different, far more expensive, antibiotic he could have prescribed me…so he’s checking in to make sure this one works.  My favorite line of the email…”Thanks for trusting us with your life.”  I will stay in bed today.  Bernah returned the Felicity disc I got and picked up One Tree Hill for me.  I will watch it and rest. 

I miss the kids.  I hear them in the next room, crying and yelling.  A forced break from them is nice.  But I just want to hold them and teach them.  I want to go out there and be surrounded by them.  But this flu thing is continuing to make it’s rounds and I think I made Faith sick yesterday, and I don’t want to contribute anymore to anyone being sick.  But dang, I want to jump rope with them.  I want to teach the P1 and P2 kids to multiply.  I want to take photos of them. 

And on a completely separate note:  Shannon, mom and dad are telling me all about your successes on the volleyball court.  I even read from the link dad sent me, “…and a Watson kill ended Ridgeway’s season.”  I miss you so much, little sister.  The picture dad sent me of right after the kill, your face is priceless.  I love you so much and I wish I was there to see all this take place.  You are incredible.  And even if you were at athletically skilled as Steve Urkel and as brainy as Barbie, I would still think you were just as incredible.  Regardless, I am really, really proud of you.  I can’t wait for our dollar movie date.


3 responses to “sick. sick. sick.

  1. O’ my sweet Colleen! I am sending lots of prayers and love your way! Hang in there. Much love

  2. being sick is no fun, especially when it happens in your pants! 😉 haha- get better!

    loveeeee you and miss you ❤

  3. Hello, my name is kate dodds, i am coming to the orphanage on sunday and cant wait!! i found your blog on the internet and its been really interesting finding out more about the kids and stuff. i hope you are doing ok and feeling better. oh and i will be bringing out the lion king-its one of my fav movies! looking forward to meeting you and the kids!!! xx

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