my thighs are peeling.

I washed my bed sheets for the first time in a month.  And tonight, I heated water before I bathed from the bucket.  GLORIOUS.  I feel like I’m sleeping with a clean body in a clean bed.

A lot of the children are getting sick right now, mostly the boys.  I supposed that’s what happens when one boy sleeps in a room with all the other boys.  There’s not really a way to quarantine the kids.  Peter, Matovu and Ronald have all be lounging in their beds the past two days.  And poor baby Frida is coming down with a fever.  Mercy has some weird head sore that she was scratching at, so now it’s turned into a weird, bloody, gooey head sore.  Rebecca has two on her head as well, but she knows better than to scratch at them, so they haven’t become a bloody, gooey mess.  Have I mentioned I’ve never really been good in the wounds/blood department? 

I poured peroxide on Mercy’s sore and Halima gave her some medicinal syrup.  Mercy, Enock and Sandra (and now Rebecca) all suffer from these things.  Halima was saying the medicine will make all these wounds come out and then clear up?  What in the heck.  I know it can’t be comfortable for the girls and I sure do get woozy (woosy?) just looking at them.  Late night internet research here I come…

The more involved I get in tutoring the kids, the more I realize how this wasn’t at all I what I anticipated doing here.  But now, I can’t imagine doing anything different.  I’ll help Auntie cook from time to time, wash the babes occasionally, do the dishes…but my niche is teaching.  I went and bought another ream of paper, folders and a red pen today.  It was the first day where I didn’t help the students, but went over the worksheets with them after they finished.  Two kids cried.  I felt awful and tried to be as gentle and encouraging as I could explaining their mistakes.  And surprisingly, both were boys.  The girls handled the corrections like champs. 

It’s just past 11 p.m. here and I’m really exhausted.  The bed I have is excellent, but not at all what I’m used to.  With every toss and every turn I wake myself up, which explains why when I sleep close to 8 hours a night, I’m still sleepy.

Photos from yesterday…

Frida, pre-fever and in her rare state of smiling.

Three-year-old African feet. 

Ronald, laid up in bed with malaria.  It sounds bad, but I’m pretty sure it’s the equivalent of the flu here in Africa.

Gift is by far the biggest ham.  He knows when to smile and when he wants his picture taken, he puts his hands to his face in a frame/pretend camera shape, squints his eyes and says “cheese!”


I love you and I miss you.  But it’s time to fall asleep. 


5 responses to “my thighs are peeling.

  1. When I was in Kenya our guide was telling us about how many times he has had malaria. we were all really surprised by it, but he talked about it like it was no big thing. your comment about malaria being the flu there reminded me of that.

  2. i was slightly afraid to scroll down b/c for some reason i thought you posted pictures of the bloody messes you were speaking of! i literally held my breath and scrolled down. haha. the last two pictures are by far two of the best you’ve taken so far. i love them. AND YOU! ❤

  3. All I can say is God is good!
    I miss you my brave hero! I want a dance/slumber party when you get home!!
    I agree with Mallory, the last picture is amazing!
    I love you bunches!

  4. well my nose and forehead are peeling, I feel ya. We love and miss you bunches. Oh by the way Ella got her hair cut for the first time. As soon as I can I will put the pictures on facebook.

  5. Can I have Gift? Will you bring him home to me? I decided that my gift from you from Africa will be Gift. Adam and i think that he will be a good workout for our triceps and biceps and, you know, all other ceps that we might have that will get a workout from lifting him.

    I know why you don’t sleep well at night…I am not there to snuggle. Just pretend Sassy is me.

    And PS, Ella’s haircut is adorable. She looks so grownup!!!!


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