whoa. you can now add a poll.

WordPress has added a new development.  You can now add a poll.  Interesting. 

Everyone here is talking about American politics. Gag. Me.  The TV station we play gives updates, every Ugandan I’ve met has asked me who I’m voting for and the dinner table talk tonight was regarding the war in Iraq.  Golly, there is no escape!!

We are getting two more volunteers next week.  It will be getting crowded and I’m thankful I’ve found my niche tutoring the students.  It’s been a test in patience.  Some things I’m teaching seem so basic. To me.  And I’m constantly reminding myself that not only do these children not understand what I’m saying in English, but they are also anywhere between nine and 18 years younger than me.  Allen has written me a note on every worksheet since that one night.  It’s always the same messaged, maybe a little variety in the packaging.  She thanks me and tells me God will give me a big blessing.  Bless her sweet, gentle heart for reminding me nightly why I’m doing this.

This morning I bathed all the little ones.  They get bathed twice a day.  I didn’t even think of helping out with that task until last night.  Ruthie was scratching her back and burst into tears.  I don’t know if she was in real pain or just so frustrated from the itching.  Regardless, I tried calamine lotion.  Failure.  And then we bathed her and all was well.  So this morning, I bathed the younger crowd.  Again, another exercise in frustration…but everyone was so fresh and so clean afterwards, for about five minutes. Enock literally fell down in a mud puddle within two minutes of his bath.  He hadn’t even put his clothes back on. 

And finally. Some photos.  But not of rafting (soon, maybe? hopefully…)

Playing with the long exposure. The one light over the backyard/pit latrines at night.  Have I mentioned they lock the doors at night and if you have to pee from 11 to 6, there’s a bucket in the shower room.  Nice.

Hello neighbor.  I hated all of you my first couple of days here, with the jetlag and all you didn’t make sleeping any easier.  However, by some miracle, I have now unknowingly learned to tune you out.

The ants come marching one by one home from fetching water at the well.

Peter and I playing with the long exposure two nights ago.

Lunch time. Posho and beans, delish!

I will be forever learning how to truly love you and I miss you.  But I’m sure the internet will short out soon (as it always does between 11:23 and 11:30 pm) and need to wrap this up.


One response to “whoa. you can now add a poll.

  1. my pirated internet is working!
    *crosses fingers*

    politics are YUCK indeed! i’ve been getting yelled at by everyone, b/c i didnt register to vote. do i want to pick the lesser of two evils? no thanks. i’m trying my best to live my life according to the man upstairs! i don’t care about either of those shady characters plans for this country. i feel like maybe i should though…? ah well

    i’m really loving all these photos! for real.
    just not near as much as i love you ❤

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