i am my father’s daughter.

I survived white water rafting on the Nile. It was amazing, and I know some people want to hear about it but I don’t have any pictures yet.  So you’ll just have to be satisfied in knowing I’m still alive and an exciting recap of the day I made like Moses and floated on the Nile is still to come.

The lower top half of my thighs are burnt to a crisp and it feels like my knees are on fire everytime I stand.  I rested most of yesterday seeing as how I was exhausted and outrageously sore from rafting.  Note to self: get in shape.

The kids were so precious as I left Friday night.  They were hugging me tight and screaming my name.  “Auntie Colleen, when will you be back?”  “Auntie Colleen, you’re leaving?!”  “Auntie Colleen, you’ll be back Sunday right?”  I don’t even want to know what it’ll be like when I actually leave.  Heartbreak.  Today things fell back into the routine with the kids.  Assist with chores, tutor, goof around/photo time. 

Speaking of photo time…

Colleen, I’m much too busy taking this phone call for you to burden me with posing.

Nisha was ticked off that I picked her up from playing soccer/football to pose for this photo by Kato.

Some of the neighborhood kids.

The front yard in the early evening.  One of my absolute favorite sights. 


One response to “i am my father’s daughter.

  1. I love the pictures!!!
    It was great to hear your voice yesterday!!! I am glad yu survived and can not wait to hear all about it.
    Lilly fractured her wrist and got a red cast, I’ll send you pictures.
    Have a good week. I love you bunches

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