food for thought. (a picture-less entry.)

There’s a small walkway between the frontyard and the backyard, if you could really even call them yards.  I was walking through the said walkway and noticed Kitty, the resident cat.  A brief glance turned into a second look.

Kitty was eat a mouse/rat.  It seemed too small to be a rat, but the tail was far too long to be a mouse.  I think Kitty had devoured half of it by the time I walked by so it very well could have been a rat. 

Colleen: Ew, disgusting!  That’s gross cat.
Random girls in the backyard who don’t live here (have I mentioned that people come and go all the time?): Blank stares in my direction.
Colleen: Awkward laugh.  The cat’s eating a mouse/rat.
Random girls: Slight giggles, still uncomfortably staring at me.

I proceed to go in the back door.  I take notice of Halima in the doorway.

Colleen: Halima, the cat was eating a mouse/rat.
Halima: Oh, sore-ry. (Ugandans put a lot of emphasis on the first syllable of “sorry.”)
Colleen:  It’s not your fault.

I continue inside the kitchen-ish area of the orphanage.  I’m greeted by Auntie.

Auntie: Caaaaa-lean.
Colleen: Auuun-tee.
Auntie:  Hands me a plate.  Breakfast.
Colleen:  Opens the plate.  An omelet.  Delicious, but did I mention that I just saw the cat eating a mouse/rat.  Vomit*.

The end.

* I didn’t vomit.  I only said that to add drama to the story, as a matter of fact I’ve not had any weird intestinal problems since I’ve been here.  I downed the omelet as fast as I could while thinking about Sylvia Plath’s The Bell Jar before thoughts of the torn apart mouse/rat consumed my brain again.


4 responses to “food for thought. (a picture-less entry.)

  1. You funny, crazy girl. So glad you are making it all so real for the rest of us! Gma Honey is feeding me supper today. We will laugh about this one!

  2. I think it was a wombat.

  3. I finally got caught up on all your days I missed. I’m glad to hear you reallized you are there for “the children” And I love the fact that they are enjoying and learning and praying with you and Jesus. I will get you some stickers out. Do you have a zip code? Love ya a bushel and a peck!! xoxoxo

  4. i would have probably reacted the same way…not sure i could have obstained from vomiting. i can picture it now and it’s kind of making me gross out. miss and love you tons!!!

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