care package people.

First, I lied.  The kids have seen the Lion King and apparently even owned a copy at one point, but it’s since been lost so we could use another one.  Anyways, if that changes your decision to send a care package, I’ll understand. 

Jeanette is sending a copy of “All Dogs Go To Heaven” here.  She went and got it weighed, apparently it’s only costing her 9ish dollars to send.  So my recommendation, get the packaged weighed before you settle on a flat rate international box, as it may be significantly cheaper.

Sherrie and her youth are sending Veggie Tales tapes and some other things. 

As far as I know, everyone I mentioned in the other entry is still sending stuff. 

Another request while I think of it…two or three packs of polaroid film (I know they’re expensive so if no one can swing it, it’s totally fine) and stickers!!!!  I would love to give the children a portfolio of their worksheets before I leave in December, and want to decorate the folders with stickers and a picture of themselves.  I only have one pack on polaroid film (10 pictures) and by the time I leave all the children will be here (27, plus the three in boarding school…in addition to any others we might get before I go). 

All my love.


One response to “care package people.

  1. One of the coloring books I got was pirates. then i realized they might know what pirates are. well, i’m sending it anyway.

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