Request for a care package.

Let me preface this with, IT’S TOTALLY FINE IF WE DON’T GET A CARE PACKAGE for two reasons.  1) None of the things I’m requesting are necessary.  2) It’s so expensive to send.  I looked on the USPS Web site and to send a flat rate standard size international package it’s $37!  And I don’t even know how big the package is.

Buuuuut, I’ve had a lot of people ask if we need anything so if someone feels so inclined to send me a package…it’d be awesome.  I’m requesting a few things.

  • The Lion King. The children have learned the “Hakuna Matata” song from the Lion King from Ronnie. And love it!  However, they have never seen the movie and I’d love for them to have it.  VHS, DVD, new, used, (dare I say, even a burnt copy)…whatever.
  • Some cheap other children’s movies.  They have TV here, but none of the few channels we get ever play children’s shows.  Go to Walmart, they have $1 movies…or some place that sells used movies.  Again, VHS, DVD, it doesn’t matter.  Or if you want to splurge (as if the postage alone didn’t cost enough), maybe another Disney movie or two.
  • Coloring books. I brought three and I thought they’d have a bunch.  But they don’t.
  • Magazines.  Selfish, but maybe a few American magazines for myself.  Relevant, People, Rolling Stone…I don’t care.
  • And a Nicholas Sparks’ novel/DVD wouldn’t be too shabby either.  😉

That’s all.  I can’t imagine you can fit too much in the box. Like I said, none of this is necessary…but it’d be nice for the children and me.  If you are able to send something of the sort, PLEASE EMAIL ME ( before you send it out.  The last thing I want is three people/groups to send me the same package. 


As I type this Frida is sleeping in my arms.  Too precious, though I’m afraid she may pee on me at any given moment.

All my love.


4 responses to “Request for a care package.

  1. hey colleen…i don’t know if you knew or not but sometimes international DVD players are somehow slightly different from ours and you can’t play American DVDs in them. I know when i travel overseas we are always told not to take or buy any DVDs because they probably won’t play. i don’t want to be the bearer of bad news but thought i’d let you know so you could check it out first before you got a bunch of DVDs you couldn’t play. you and the children are in my prayers! love reading your blog!

  2. I’ve been waiting for this post!! How do I get peanut butter into a flat rate envelope?

  3. ME TOO!!!
    my group is getting things together, I will let you know what soon!!
    Love you bunches!!!

  4. Hey Colleen
    What is the address we would send it to? It may be somewhere in another post and I missed it – if so sorry. I would love to put some stuff together and send it. Maybe if people could list what they are sending we could avoid some duplicates.
    On a side note I am really enjoying reading all of your post and I have to tell you – your pictures are amazing – I do think one day we will see some of them published somewhere!
    Love Aunt Nancy

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