care package, part two.

First, to the people that responded via emails and comments.  Dang, I thought it’d be like pulling teeth to get one response… Thank you.

Ok. Two things.  My friend, Kelly, from Ohio brought up a good point (thank you Kelly, I would have never known).  Most foreign DVD players don’t play American DVDs, so I tested out the one DVD that I forgot was in my laptop and sure enough…it didn’t work.  VHS only in regards to movies for the children.  If you were going to send me a flick, DVD is fine, I’ll just watch it on my computer. 

And number two.  I guess it doesn’t matter if one person sends me something, other people still want to send stuff.  Nancy made a point that maybe we should keep track so duplicates aren’t going to be sent.  So whoever wants to send stuff, I’ll be updating on here until Sunday what all is being sent so we don’t end up getting three or four packages filled with the same things.  On Sunday, I’ll repost the address where I’m at (if you can’t wait, it is in an older post) and maybe the things could be sent early next week.  It takes approximately two weeks for anything to arrive.

My dear friend/Nashville “mom” Donna said she can send me her old People magazines (I knew it!) and some coloring books.

My pretend cousin Katrina has three copies of the Lion King, I don’t know if one is VHS…but Sher or Nancy…she may want to send it your way first if you’re going to send something as well and just stick it in with your stuff.

Sherrie – talk to Leah.  She’s really, really sweet and wants to send me something.

I’m pretty sure my BFF Theresa is going to take peanut butter and smear it in an envelope for me.  Haha, Dobritch…when are you getting here?

Ok that’s all for now.  And again, seriously don’t feel obligated to send anything…and if you’ve said you’ll send something but end up not being able to, just let me know so I can update the list.

Hugs and kisses, a quality entry is coming tomorrow, I think.


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