My grandma used to make things.  Pillows.  With stitched designs.  She’d sign in thread “Allove.”  A play on her name, Olive.  I once made a duck pillow with her.  I still have it, it’s somewhere in the mess of the blankets, beds and movies in my dad’s basement.

I am deeply saddened by the loss of my Grandma.  And I do wish I could be holding hands with Jessi and Shannon, with my dad, with my cousins to mourn and grieve her departure from this worldly life.  But she’s gone on to something better.  I trust that.  And I trust she and I will get to hang out again in some glorious place we can’t even fathom, Heaven.

As difficult as the following days, weeks, months and years will be without her…she would be really upset with me and probably write me a letter of disapproval if I used that as an excuse to mope around and be all solemn, especially when I have an opportunity like the one I’m in now.  I am by no means done crying or mourning, and I have really, really appreciated all the comments and emails…but with that said, please don’t leave me anymore comments or send me anymore emails of a sorrowful nature.  They cause me to cry more and more.  There is a time for mourning.  But there is also a time for dancing.  And I’m going to do my absolute best to dance, especially for the next two and half months, in celebration of the great life my Grandma Olive lived and the even better life she’s living now.

Yesterday was pretty low-key. All the children were home as it was Saturday and most of them spent a majority of the day making bags.  They have been making purses and change purses and larger bags to sell.  I’ll have to post a picture sometime of them because they are quite amazing.  I ate all three meals at the orpanage today and I think they finally comprehend that I do not like matake, at all.  We had sweet potatoes for dinner!  And they are still giving me portions that are entirely too large.  And all the food is really high in carbs, so it doesn’t take much to make me feel filled.

It rained a bit, and I think we’re beginning to enter rainy season.  But it never lasts for very long and always cools the temperature a little bit.

Today I went to church with Ruth and her brother and some of the children.  The church is on the other side of town and took us nearly an hour to get there.  Traffic here is mindblowing with the lack of organization and structure.  Church was nice, but I like going with the children more.  But I met a 25-year-old American from California, Rachel, this morning!  She’s staying with the pastor of the church.  And came over here to serve at his orphanage and school.  We all went to lunch after church and she came back to the orphanage for the majority of the afternoon.  It was such a blessing to meet her.  We are kindred spirits and I feel like if I met her in other circumstances, we would still be fast friends.  She’ll be here for two months, and having someone to chat and meet up with is great.

After church, like I said, Rachel came back to the orphanage.  We spent the afternoon playing games with the kids and watching them play games with each other.  As bed time rolled around I heard full-on wailing coming from the boys’ room.  Kato, an older boy, was crying in his bunk.  Something happened to his hands, they got smashed behind a door.  It’s unlike the older boys to really cry like that, so I made him come inside.  Thank God for Kyran.  He’s so sensible, where as I was freaking out.  “We should take him to the emergency room!  Wait, do they have ERs here?  What do we do? Why didn’t anybody else check on him?!”

Kyran calmly applied a cold compress to Kato’s hands and stabilized the left hand.  It really pained Kato to move his thumb and forefinger, but he could move his wrists.  So we’ll assess the situation tomorrow and go from there.  They are beginning to call Kyran “Papi” for grandfather.  It’s really quite sweet, and Kyran has been a great assest these past few days.

Grey’s Anatomy is on NTV next. So, so excited.


Matovu.  He’s 12.  And he’s a little man.  He’s so, so grown up for being so young.  And meaning this in the least creepy way possibly, he’s sculpted! 

Rebecca is so beautiful.  She’s one of the older girls and really reserved.  Something about her is just fantastic though.

I love, love, love this picture of Enock.  (Please don’t mind the misspellings of the names in previous entries. I’m still learning.)  Gift’s hand is in the way, but Enock is wearing my shirt.  Kyran (from Australia) cut off the bottom to make a sling for Sandra’s arm, and put the remainder of the shirt of Enock.  Two days in a row, he’s worn it.  Something about me really loves it.  He crawled into my lap today as I was watching the kids learn a dance…so darling.

I live on this road.  It doesn’t have a name. Or pavement. Or two lanes.

Alice.  She’s beautiful.  And she’s always smiling, posing, dancing, laughing.  A total girly girl.

I love you and I miss you, but I’m dancing in memory of my Grandma and Grey’s is on.


5 responses to “Allove.

  1. Can’t wait to see the purses! I’ve been looking for something funky & different to use.

  2. I love the pictures!!! Those children are so beautiful, and you can see their spirit in their eyes!! I wish I was there to hug and love on them, since I am not you do it for me 🙂
    Leah, the new prayer warrior, prayed for you today in class and your experince there!!!!
    Miss Lilly said to tell you hi and she loves you. She would like to see a smiling picture of your beautiful african Lillian when you get a chance. (her words not mine)
    I love you my sweet sweet Colleen.

  3. These pictures are incredible. You are so lucky to be surrounded by these beautiful people. It’s exciting to see your road, can you show us pics of your room??

  4. i love all of these pictures! i hope you are having fun!

  5. the photos always take my breath away, colleen. they are all so real- does that make sense? we should make some sort of collage when you get home. and take some photos of YOU! i’m longing to see your face. alright?

    i’m trying like crazy to email you on your gmail account, but alas, my stolen internet connection barely lets me on this page to comment you. this is my first successful attempt in days. i’ll be visiting martina on wednesday, so i think i’ll steal her internet and email you then. okay?!


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