no pictures tonight.

Thank you everyone for your very kind and loving words.

I have talked to my dad, little sister and mom on the phone…albeit each call very brief.  My dad assured me that there’s no use in me coming home. And Shannon made it known that Grandma Olive wanted me here.

Ronnie, the Israeli UPA volunteer, forced me to get out of the orphanage.  I was laying in my bed, reading and crying.  She came in, after I initially declined her invitation to get me out of the orphanage, and told me she was taking me to the Ivory Hotel here in Nansana for a nice dinner.

So we went. I talked about my Grandma, cried about my Grandma. She cried with me. We talked about boys and life.  We ate food and drank really cold Fanta.  I needed away for a moment, to catch my breath and to be a 23-year-old girl.  Thank God for Ronnie.  Seriously.  This evening would have been a million times worse if it weren’t for her.

Again, thanks everyone.  My Grandma is excited for me.  I know it. She knew it. And now she and Jesus are dancing around each time Gift “shimmy shimmy whats” or Bob smiles at his mathematical accomplishment.

I still want to be with my family right now. But like I told my mom, these children will be able to LOVE me through this.

As I was leaving with Ronnie to eat, Allen…one of the older girls at the orphanage…all of 12 or 13 stopped me.

“Auntie Colleen?”
“Yes Allen?”
She strechted out her arms and walked closer to give me a hug, “I’m very sorry for you.”


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