1500 shillings to a flushing toilet.

Again, the internet farted out last night.  So this is an account of September 25.

Mom. I registered at the Embassy today.  But, I think I put the wrong address down on the paper. Oh well. They had a flushing toilet.  Before I left, I asked if I could use it.  The man looked at me in a “Well…duh!” kind of way, so I proceeded to tell him how I’ve been using a pit latrine and did a happy dance to the restroom. He laughed. I peed. All is well.

Have I mentioned that I really don’t like the actual city of Kampala?  It stresses me out.  My heart breaks for the all the beggars, the children in the clothing that has been worn for so long you can’t tell it from their skin because of the dirt and holes, and the crippled who lay on the ground with their hands outstretched silently and shamlessly asking for help.  You walk on the roads. There are sidewalks, but it doesn’t matter.  Street vendors take up the space and unless you are going into a shop, you walk on the road.  Crossing traffic?  Sweet Jesus, please have angels carry me across the road.

After the Embassy, Moses led me to the Bank of Uganda so I could get smaller bills/coins for the larger shillings I had.  It was simple enough. 

By the time we arrived back at the orphanage I was exhausted.  I quickly threw together the children’s worksheets and was about to take a nap.  Just as I was laying down, Ronnie, a UPA volunteer, said she was really hungry and ready to eat.  No restaurant today though.  I spent 9500 shillings on bread, Fanta, a chocolate bar (pretty much a Twix by Cadbury), and…..drumroll….PEANUT BUTTER!  Oh, how amazing the peanut butter tasted.  Not that I’m not loving the rice, beans, meat, fruit diet, but dang. I love, love, love peanut butter.  If it wasn’t so unhealthy, I’d probably sustain my life by eating it.  It was delicious. I’m keeping the jar by my bed so when I crave it in the middle of the night, I can just dip my fingers in it.

Kyran, the Australian man, came yesterday. He speaks Australian English. YES!  It’s really great. And I feel like I just chat a lot with him because we both speak English. 

Tutoring went well today.  I’m giving the older girls work as well.  Everyone is loving it. This is nice.

Pre-Kampala vanity.

This is a taxi, or matatoo.  It’s pretty much a completely overloaded minivan. 

Moses, my fearless leader for the morning in Kampala and one of my first Ugandan friends.

I love you and I miss you, but it’s the afternoon here and I think I may get some biscuits for lunch to go with my peanut butter from yesterday. 


4 responses to “1500 shillings to a flushing toilet.

  1. I’m sooooo proud of you. I’ve been reading daily, but able to respond till today. You have touched the hearts of many from across the country. I wish I was there to experience this with you. But I am there in spirit and via the internet. LOL Stay safe and healthy. I love peanut butter, too. love, kisses and lots of wiggle hugs, Missi. xoxo

  2. Keep this coming!!! Your blog is so real and so descriptive that it is just like hearing you talk….only slower…lololol! And I had no idea how gifted you are as a photographer! How did I miss that?!? You are surely bringing incredible joy into these children’s lives. Plant those seeds deep!
    I have decided to buy you a Waterpik shower massage for your coming home gift! Hugs and Love!

  3. yeah another flushing toilet. yea!!! bet that was really nice. miss you! enjoy your biscuits and peanut butter!

  4. Peanut butter is my favorite food. Fo real.

    I went off to college for a year and lived off of it. I definitely got the freshman 15. more like 22.

    let us know if you ever want us to send you some treats from the states. love you so much! i really miss you!

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