the rise and fall of a moosomesa.

Moosomesa is the phonetic spelling of the Luganda word for teacher.

I made some effective worksheets for the students today.  And they loved them!  The younger ones who didn’t have worksheets were quite jealous.  I was somewhat frustrated at the beginning of the tutoring session.  I’m tutoring nursery children through primary six, so I have loads of different worksheets and skill levels.  And have I mentioned that I have ZERO experience as a teacher?  Everyone was asking me questions about English and math, the only two subjects the worksheets covered today.  I had to sit with each group of students and explain how to answer the math problem or how to spell the work “wake.”

But golly.  I realized how awesome it is when I was teaching Faith (P3) to expand numbers (445 = 400 + 40 + 5), and it clicked!  I explained and exampled two problems for her, and at first she was totally lost, but by the end of the second problem…she had it down.  I was so excited! She was so excited!  Teaching can cross language barriers. Hooray!!!!!

However, before I was deemed a “moosomesa” by Ruth this evening, I went to lunch with the UPA (Uganda Pioneers Association).  The roads have a ditch on either side over two feet wide and probably two to three feet deep.  I can easily step over the ditch.  As I went to do it today, however, the skirt I was wearing restricted the length of my stride and caused me to be a few inches short of making it across the ditch.  And before I knew it, one leg was in the ditch, one leg was confused between the ditch and the ground, my glasses were somewhere in the grass about a foot away and my arms were on ground I was attempting to get to.  It was pretty awesome.  Awesomely clutzy.  One wound down, numerous more to go.

We are getting some guy from Australia tomorrow, but apparently he’s in his 50s.  He’s not a volunteer, but an observer? I don’t know. Whatever. He speaks English!

And now for the pictures from today’s photo session!

The wound. On my lower thigh. Awesome. I’m well aware of how pale I am. No need to point it out. I’m in Africa. Thankyouverymuch.

I think Sandra thought I was using my video camera.  She was waving her hands and saying “Hi!!!”

Mercy giving herself a bath.  She’s a real spitfire.  She’s really smart, but always likes to cause little fights.

I love you and I miss you, but “Courting Alex” is on NTV next, and it’s a nice way to end my night.


8 responses to “the rise and fall of a moosomesa.

  1. ouch! I would like to think you got your brave soul from me, but I think you mainly inherited my clutzyness.

  2. that’s a bummer about the ditch episode. i bet it was definitely a site to see. were you by yourself? i’m glad you didn’t break anything. we would all like our colleen back in one piece! thanks for emailing me back today. i loved it. it was almost like being on the phone with you! almost. sleep well. i’ll email you tomorrow!!

  3. hey colleen, i love reading all about your adventures. i thought of you on sunday as i was laying on the couch and thought…”i should text colleen and tell her i’ll be praying for her when she leaves for Uganga” good thing i was lazy since you were already there. i am imagining the ditch disaster and i am sure i am making it much more funny than it actually was 🙂 you are in my prayers!

  4. Well…brave, amazing young lady, I am just blown away. Your blogs and pics leave me in awe. You are capturing such joy in the faces of the children, that I have to remind myself why they are there. It is apparent that they are being well loved. The blessings seem to be flowing both ways. Love, Aunt Carolyn xo

  5. you’ve only been gone one week, but it seems longer. not only b/c i miss you, but wow… you’re just having so many wonderful experiences! it doesnt seem like so much could’ve happened already. does that make sense? i’m enjoying all the stories. and the photos? amazing… ❤

    ps: appreciate this comment, b/c i’m stealing the slowest internet connection EVER to leave it! haha

  6. My sweet Colleen!!! I ditto Aunt Carolyn!!!
    I have so enjoyed going thru this with you. Lilly and I look everyday for new updates and pictures. She LOVES the pictures.
    You are heart is so big and giving!!!
    Hope your feeling better!
    Love and miss you~~~

  7. I miss you. I LOVE your photographs!!! I miss you 😦

  8. Hey buddy. I love following your story over there. To say that I am envious would be an understatement. We are praying for you. You photograpghs are looking great!

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