i bathe daily but my feet are eternally dirty.

I tried to post this last night…but the internet was not cooperating, so you get yesterday’s update this morning.

All the children are off to bed and it’s a good time to update. Today was the first day where I finally felt excited to be here, as opposed to overwhelmed.  And outside of the news of my Grandma Olive, today was so great.

I read stories to the little ones who were climbing all over me with excitement.  I also attempted to teach two of the primary two girls, I was pretty unsuccessful seeing as the English worksheets I found online for primary two students were far too advanced for them.  Instead, I let them read some of the simple “Learn To Read” books.  I played soccer and took pictures after the hailstorm. Yes, it hailed in Uganda… Taking pictures is an event in itself. The children love being photographed, especially Lilian (which reminds me of another Lillian I know, yes, YOU LILLY!).  Even more than being photographed, they love looking at the pictures I’ve taken of them.  I let some of the older ones play with my camera and they enjoy playing photographer for a few moments.

I walked to the main street in Nansana again by myself today to buy some water.  And this time, I took a small handful of hard candy to give to the neighborhood and street children.  Two children approached me on the walk and one grabbed my hand and proceeded to smell it.  I reached into my pocket, and before my hand was out of it, a ton more kids swarmed around me.  I didn’t have enough candy, so I looked to the woman standing in a doorway laughing at me and asked her how to say tomorrow in Luganda.  “Enkya,” she replied, pronounced en-cha.  I looked at all the kids, specifically the ones who didn’t get a Jolly Rancher and repeated, “Enkya. Enkya. Enkya.” 

And I met another American today!  Matt, from UPA, is fresh out of high school and taking a gap year as he applies to college.  I think he’s pretty brainy.  But he’s American!  We are going to be friends. And apparently some head of US foreign aid to Uganda hosts a Thanksgiving each year for the Americans.  Hooooooray!

Alice tried to teach me how to dance today. I’m still a white girl with no rhythm, but all the kids laugh at me.  And I now make sure all the children brush their teeth before bed. We have “Sana Manu” (phonetically that’s how it sounds, spelling…not so sure) time after dinner in the dark.  I’m getting a routine down and also again, I’m getting longwinded.  I just wish there was someone here to experience this with me, these stories are too much to contain.

Last night Peter and Matovu dressed up in some of the girls’ clothes and gave a fashion show/dance party.  They had everyone laughing as the sashayed down the imaginary runway. It was such a riot.

Ruth in Jung’s (the UPA Korean volunteer) sunglasses, which were later broken into pieces.

Teddy peeking through the hole in the front gate.

Gift wanting to see the pictures I’m taking…just like the rest of the children.

Sandra, Lilian and Enoch. Notice Enoch – pre-puddle slip.

Enoch, post-puddle slip.  He wasn’t hurt, just wet.  But what do you expect when playing in a puddle?

Alive and well, letting Moses take a picture of Lilian and I.  Mom or Aunt Carolyn, make sure you show Grandma Honey how perfect her skirts are for me.

I love you and I miss you, but it is the morning now and I want to play with the little ones!


6 responses to “i bathe daily but my feet are eternally dirty.

  1. that camera was a good investment! good to see a pic of you, too…nice smile, nice skirt! Grandam Honey loves being in Uganda with you : ) On a motherly note…have you registered at the embassy??

  2. Also…what does UPA stand for…I like them already 🙂

  3. Your Grandma Honey is too cool…making you those awesome skirts! Have I told you that I get way excited everytime you post?!?! Cause I do. I’m enjoying the pictures immensely!!! Sending you a huge hug right now. Love you!

  4. Okay, I am completely obsessed with checking your blog for the newest updates from the trip. I was at work today reading (shhh) and your words brought tears to my eyes. I am so proud of you and you are truly an inspiration. Be safe over there…

    P.S.- I’ve been praying for Grandma 🙂

    Love you!!

  5. Lilly loved the shout out!!
    I am continued to be completely amazed at you!!
    Love you!!

  6. Nice try teaching Colleen how to dance Alice. We have have been trying for years. By the way, Colleen, how are the “Shimmy Shimmy What?” lessons going? Are the kids catching on?

    Oh and I send out reminders to “All Nashville Employees” every now and then. You would love to see how everyone stops what they are doing around Haber to catch up on your awesomeness.

    We love you and miss you more than you know.

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