i pooped. (entry two of two).

I did it.  I really couldn’t hold it in.  Pooping has actually been easier to make in the hole than peeing.  My aim is improving with each trip as I’m becoming familiar with where I need to place myself in order to prevent it from splashing on my feet.  (Round of applause.)  Thank you very much.

Yesterday as Halima and I were walking home from the taxi stop, a little neighborhood girl (not an orphan) ran up to me and grabbed my hand.  Children around the orphanage are fascinated by muzungus (white people).  I entertained her for a couple of minutes as she was pulling me with her towards her home.  Her mother was calling for her, so I tried to pull away a bit.  And then she licked my hand.  Not a kiss, a full on lick.  I wonder what my skin tasted like her.  Regardless, it was a bit strange and I was taken aback.

Today has been much less eventful.  Last night Big Brother and I went over some things.  It looks like I will be tutoring the older students in the evening in the subject in which they are weakest.  So this morning I typed a few administrative papers (articles of incorporation and a budget) for Ruth’s attempt to get funding from Global Giving, and started putting together individual lesson plans for each student.  I am looking at their school exams and picking out the subjects where they scored less than 50 points.  I am creating worksheets with questions similar to the ones where they struggled.  I’ve completed about three students preliminary worksheets…only 12 more to go.  I did take an unintentional three-hour nap.  I only meant to doze off for an hour or so, but woke up after the older children arrived home from school.  Stupid jet lag.

As promised. 

The boys are posing in the new clothes donated by the Somerdale Marantha Bible Church.  Apparently, they only receive girl clothes and this was the first time people thought of the boys.  They LOVED them. Big Brother and Ruth want to make sure everyone knows how appreciative they are for all of the donations.

Enoch drinking porridge for breakfast. Delish!

Allen is new to the orphanage; and while he looks sullen here, he is consistently laughing and smiling.

I’m hoping to get to spend more time with the children as I finish this Global Giving stuff and get their school worksheets in order.  But for now, the preliminary grunt work must be done.

Oh, and AIG is struggling for cash?  Let’s hope they remain in business for the next three months because my travel insurance is purchased from them.

And Dad, seriously, don’t forget to pay my Circuit City account. I mean it, seriously.


7 responses to “i pooped. (entry two of two).

  1. I knew you had it in you. Way to poop Colleen!!!!

    So proud….*tear*.

  2. I am so glad you pooped!!! Horray. Love the pictures. I can’t want to see more.

  3. round of applause my friend! so i love the pictures!!! thanks for sharing. so i was thinking…just bring them all home with you and we can all live in my old house. sound like a plan? lol.

  4. Incredible. Absolutely incredible. Colleen, I am brearthless for you my Lion Chasing sister.
    I am so proud of you not holding it anymore! When we were younger, my dad used to give us prunes to force us to go, then M&Ms when we did.
    I am sending you a bag of M&Ms.

  5. amazing grace….love you!

  6. God is working thru you each day! So proud you popped lol
    Lilly wanted to to know that she prays for YOU EVERYDAY at school and at home. She told her class that you were going to Africa to be a great missionary to little kids like them just like God has called you to! My little pastor lol much love my dear sister!

  7. wow, just reading your description of their prayer… it sounds amazing! i’m so happy you’re experiencing all of this. even the pooping! haha ❤ and those clothes look great! i remember all of them from when we were counting them out and packing them up.

    i miss you like crazy, but i’m glad you’re there with these wonderful children right now. you have so much in your heart to offer to them and something tells me they’ll be giving you just as much in return. LOVE YOU! cant wait to read and see more.

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