this entry gets kinda gross.

I’m in Uganda. Finally.  Over three years in the making and it’s here.

I was greeted at the Entebbe airport last night by Big Brother, Auntie and Ruth.  They are amazing.  They were laughing at me, from the speed of my talking to my inability to say things in Luganda. Bless Big Brother for trying to teach me. 

We arrived at the orphanage where the majority of kids were still waiting up to meet me.  I was overwhelmed and freaked out for a moment before I fell asleep.  “What have I gotten myself into? How will I remember all these names?”

Everybody, except for me, speaks Luganda.  Unless they are speaking directly to me, I can’t understand a word they are saying.  Slowly I’ll learn. 

I’ve had two meals so far.  Both were delicious. I’m not sure or concerned about the health factor.  With breakfast this morning I was given some sort of ginger tea. It was incredible.  Really, really sweet. Sweeter than sweet tea in America.

Now for the gross part…

The bathroom is a pit latrine.  If you aren’t familiar with one, I don’t recommend you ever become familiar with one.  It’s a dingy wood closet with a cement floor outside of the orphanage.  There’s a rectangle about the size of a VHS tape in the floor that you pee/poop through.  Last night was my first time trying this, and the only time I have ever longed to be a boy.  My aim was terrible and I ended up hitting the edge of the hole and getting urine splattered on my feet and lower legs. Amazing.  This morning’s attempt was much more successful, however, I still have many improvements to make.  I’m not looking forward to having to pass a bowel movement, and am going to try to go three months without pooping. 

Dang, my time is almost up at the internet cafe.  I’ll post pictures when the orphanage’s internet is cooperating.

I love you, and I miss you.  But, don’t worry, Jesus and I are having a grand old time.


7 responses to “this entry gets kinda gross.

  1. I think you would be in A LOT of pain if you waited 3 months lol
    Glad you made it safely! Love ya

  2. haha…my goal would be to want to wait three months too. i’m glad to hear you made it safely too! love ya!

  3. you should make pooping in that tiny hole a personal challenge!

    i’m so glad you made it there safe! i was wondering and worrying myself. you know me though, right?! seems like things are pretty interesting already. haha. i absolutely cannot wait to read more. and pictures?! i’m psyched.


  4. are you going to try to be like Adam? The only place where you’ll have a BM will be at you home in the US 🙂

    Oooooo C-dubbs!!! miss you 😦

  5. discussion about urine and bowel movements? must be the Haber lunch table! Colleen, I expect you to be a complete and total expert in this area by the time you come back to the States

  6. I agree with Mal. You will be a champion at hitting that tiny hole. An Olympic Champion! They will have you stand on a podium, put a gold medal around your neck, hand you some flowers, mispronounce your name, and then play our National Anthem. I will shed a tear because I am so proud. And then we will go on a publicity tour talking about the experience with Jay Leno, Letterman, Regis and Kelly, and Ellen. Then you will have to decide if you are going to defend your title in four years. You might even get a book deal out of it.

    Good luck friend. I will be cheering for you.

  7. Colleen, you trying to pee in that pit toilet with those long dancers legs would be like me trying to hit a thimble with a squirtgun off of a ten story building.

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