one segment down, two to go.

Hello Detroit,

How are you today? For as much crappy stuff I hear about your city, I have to say I really do love your airport.

This is my second time in DTW airport, but it is by far my favorite airport ever (minus the fact the wireless is not free, Columbus – you’re still winning in that department).

All my checked luggage was just below 50 pounds a piece, amazing. My carry-ons are kind of ridiculous, but whatever. If I lose a piece of my checked luggage (and watch, it will be the bag that has all of my stuff in it), I need to have clean underwear. Therefore, I packed my mini-suitcase full of underwear, Sassy (the elephant Ella made me), some spare clothes, books, journals, plugs, electronics and other personal nonsense.

I get to eat dinner on my flight to Amsterdam. Ya-hoo! I wonder what kind of delicious meals Northwest serves. And I get another meal on my flight from Amsterdam to Entebbe. Having never flown internationally before, this is really exciting for me. Call me a nerd, I don’t care. The anticipation I’m experiencing to eat airline is reminiscent of anticipation I experienced when I got to eat the astronaut ice cream they had at Discovery World in Canton.

Gate A24 has CNN’s The Situation Room on. I think Mitt Romney’s hair is fake.

Do you know how to speak Dutch?

I still have an hour and a half. Airport dance party!


5 responses to “one segment down, two to go.

  1. wooo!!! we’ve been praying for you all day. we love you!

  2. yo yo. so we never hung last night. what a bummer. i totally forgot, maybe you did too? i didn’t work because of the wind/power out craziness so my day was kinda thrown off kilter.

    anywho, colleen, you have yourself an amazing trip. i will be praying and thinking of you. and we’ll save that hang out we were going to have for when you get back. then you can fill me in on all the amazing things that happened (are going to happen) in africa.

    Godspeed and God bless,

  3. i’m so excited for you now that i’m actually crying at my desk. i know that God has great things in store for you! and you’ll never be the same i’m sure. a part of me really wishes that i could have embarked on this journey with you. how fun would that have been? know you’ll be in my thoughts and prayers daily!! i love you sister!!!

  4. I ditto Lizzy!! Tears of great joy to “my hero”
    God bless and I love to the moon and back!!

  5. I ditto lizzy!!
    Tears of joy “my hero”
    Love ya sister

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