the miracle suitcase.

I’ve been home for five days now.  I am just now cleaning my room and beginning to pack.

One suitcase down.

Let’s explain a few things about this suitcase.

I got home extremely late Sunday night.  I woke up at noon on Monday and saw this lovely, vintage suitcase at the end of the the loveseat.  I thought, “Wow, what a nice thing of dad to do.  Drag out his suitcase from 1978 for me to use.”

My dad and I met up at home much later in the evening.

Dad: Colleen, do you know anything about this suitcase?
Colleen: What? No. It’s not yours?
Dad: No. It was on the porch this morning when I went out to get the newspaper, so I brought it inside.
Colleen: Did you open it? Was there a note with it? Where was it exactly on the porch.
Dad: There was no note, I didn’t open it. I thought it was yours.
I follow my dad outside and he shows me exactly where the suitcase was placed, in a very deliberate place in front of the door.

I don’t know whose suitcase this is. I don’t know if it was meant for me or not. I don’t even know if the suitcase was meaningfully put on my porch.  Regardless, I’m using it and to whoever was involved with the placement of the suitcase…thank you.

I packed most of the stuff people have so graciously given me for the kids (and myself) tonight.  Crayons, markers, glue, scissors, underpants, toothbrushes, toothpaste, books, paper, sunscreen, bug spray, pencil bags, pens…it’s all in there.  More than anything, I was concerned about the weight of the bag; seeing as how if it’s more than 50 pounds, the airline will hit me with a ridiculous fee.

I fill the bag, zip the zipper, lock the belt and pick up the bag.  I don’t often lift 50 pounds, so I’m not an accurate judge of weight.  However, I picked it up and I truly thought, “Dang, this is over 50 pounds.”  So I bring the suitcase downstairs to the scale in my dad’s bathroom.

The weight? Forty-nine pounds!

I don’t know where this suitcase came from, and I don’t know how it’s just under 50 pounds. But it is, and to me that serves as further proof there is a God, and He’s stoked about this trip.


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