the lesser of two evils.

Today was my final day at Haber. Bitter. Sweet.

I’m happy to be done there. I take full responsibility for inwardly being extremely thankless for the job, when in fact it was a huge blessing. Back in January, while I was still in Ohio, Dawn and I first talked about me actually finally working for Haber. It was news that made me dance around in my room for the first time in weeks. And then I remember within two months of moving here, I called my dad bawling. I was heartbroken, I was alone, I hated my jobs, I was stressed out and I needed to breathe.

The work at Haber was low-key enough to let me catch my breath. And after the little celebration my coworkers threw for me today and all the well wishes I received from them…I know I will never work with a group of people quite like that again.

Photos of my lovely parting desserts:


I think my little Kodak digital camera broke, and this time it is most definitely not my technologically challenged little sister Shannon’s fault. I’m seriously contemplating buying a Canon DSLR in the next two days. I wanted to get a DSLR anyways, and I should probably have one before I go to Uganda. Yeah…


One response to “the lesser of two evils.

  1. so that cookie cake cracks me up. apparently whoever was working where they ordered that didn’t speak to well of english or didn’t know what they were doing. lol. can’t wait to hang out with you this week!!! love ya!

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