wild hearts can’t be broken.

I abruptly decided to drive to Ohio overnight Saturday.  An eight hour drive by yourself isn’t too bad when the road is all yours and you sleep along the way. Well, not simultaneously. I had to pit stop at two rest areas to nap, and I made it to Bolivar by 9:30 am.

I showered at my dad’s and headed down to Mallory’s to hang out with her for approximately 24 hours.  She cried, I tried to console. We talked. We laughed. We ate candy. We played cards very seriously.

This morning, we all met Theresa for breakfast.  Which was fantastic, seeing as Dobritch is one of my BFFs and now lives in Orlando.  I didn’t think I’d get to see her before I left for Uganda. But I did! And I dedicate the face I made in the following picture to my little sister, Shannon.

After breakfast, I took my mom cupcakes.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMA! Then I took off back to Nashville.  Eight hours by myself was awful on the way back. It seemingly took forever and the road was never ending.  I had company though. Mr. Check Engine light stayed with me the whole way. Whatever. My car wasn’t smoking/making any noises, so I’m not really concerned.  However, my front passenger window won’t go up now. Score.

And the final mileage report: Ohio, 246 miles. Kentucky, 240 miles. Tennessee, 58 miles. Home, sigh of relief.


3 responses to “wild hearts can’t be broken.

  1. You are a good friend and even though I didn’t get to see you I did hear your voice!! I love you see you in a week!!! Yay Me!!

  2. thank you for being the most amazing friend EVER! it would’ve been so hard without you. i love you colleen erin watson!

    candy + cards + BFF’s = the best medicine for a </3

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