fruit. beans. and rice.

I don’t like roller coasters. At all. Therefore, I often miss out on the fun times at amusement parks. I can’t deal with the anxiety that builds inside your tummy on the incline or the flip-flopping of the neck on the decline and subsequent turns.

I can make a delicious spinach and cheese pizza for under seven dollars and under 30 minutes, but not without burning blisters onto both of my thumbs. The wounds keep seeping a clear liquid even though I popped the blisters at 1 pm this afternoon. Attractive, I know.

I haven’t drank anything but water or green tea in a week, and my body is loving me for it.

I’m taking a sick day from work tomorrow to watch Ella. I think we might try to make a vlog. Yes, a vlog…as in video blog. It will be awesome, and you will love it.

I want to talk to my parents this instant. I just want to say hi. and I love you. I’m going to call them. Done and done. I woke my dad up. Sometimes, I wish my parents still lived in the same house…those calls would have taken half as long. I can’t remember much between the ages of zero and six, but I think I had a really happy childhood with adventurous, patient parents.

And those are the thoughts I wanted to share tonight. Hugs and kisses.


One response to “fruit. beans. and rice.

  1. Well I remember your childhood between 3 and 6 and it was pretty fabulous!!
    Love ya

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