dear andy dolson.

Look!!! ChaCha gave me money!

For everyone who is not Andy, here’s the back story…

Andy came to stay with me for two weeks at the end of June/beginning of July. He was recording some stuff with people in Nashville and I let him stay at my place. During this time period, I signed up to be a ChaCha guide. People will text a question to 242242, and ChaCha guides are waiting online to find the answer and a reputable Web site to source it. For every question I answered I made 20 cents. In order for it to be directly deposited into my bank account, I had to make over $100. Andy had some doubts if I would ever actually see the money.

Well, Mr. Dolson…my bank account is now $100.20 richer. Heck yes!


3 responses to “dear andy dolson.

  1. holy crap!!! i need to be a ChaCha guide now!

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