this place is (not) a prison.

One of our clients, Jay, came in this morning.

J: “Hey Colleen.”
C: “Hey Jay!”
J: “I’m just dropping off something for Stacey. When do you leave?”
C: “I have two and a half weeks left.”
J: “Two and a half, huh? That’s all?”
C: “Yeah, but we’ve hired a new girl…she’s a real sweet, southern belle.”
J: “Is she hot?”
C: Laughing. “Is she hot?  She’s a pretty girl, but she’s taken.  But no…she’s really nice.”
J: “And sweet.  Sweeter than you?”
C: “Heck no!”
J: In a silly, not creepy kind of way. “No one’s sweeter than you.”

It’s hard for me to believe I have 14 work days left in Nashville and this time next month I’ll actually be in Uganda.  And as much as people have heard me complain about my job at times, I’m reluctantly realizing I’ll miss it quite a bit.


2 responses to “this place is (not) a prison.

  1. two weeks! that’s crazy!…..well sorry i couldn’t make it for bon iver….i hope you enjoyed it…….call me when you’re in ohio, i’ll venture down to good ol’ bolivar

  2. I can not believe you will be in Africa next month!!!!!!
    I am so proud of you, you are an amazing Godly women and are going to do fantastic in Africa. You have been on your own and survived 😉
    God has many plans for you, just continue to LISTEN!!!
    Love you~

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