everyone is getting married. everyone.

I introduce you to Mr. and Mrs. Nicks:

I am so encouraged by the relationship Mark and Brandy share.  And I’m honored I was invited to help celebrate their union.  I can’t wait to see where Jesus leads their lives in years to come.  I’ve known Mark for close to three years through his work with Cool Hand Luke and my work with Celebrity, Etc.  His music has been such a place of spiritual refuge to me for longer than I’ve known him.  After getting to know Mark, it’s easy to see why.  He has a sincere, incredible heart for the Lord and he knows how to use his words to edify those around him.  I’ve known Brandy since February. And from what I’ve gathered, she’s equally amazing.  She helped start a program in the Over-the-Rhine area of Cincinnati that is still thriving.  These two honestly better one another.  Mark and Brandy, I wish you all the blessings this side of Heaven can offer.

The following night I joined Adrian and Anna to help celebrate Anna’s birthday.  Anna and Adrian will be getting married in October while I’m in Uganda.  I’m going to get them some amazing piece of wall art as their wedding gift. They, too, are a great couple whose relationship gives me hope.

Marriage is a big deal, and I look forward to having a husband and being a wife.  I see all these great couples getting married, and sometimes I get a bit envious.  But more so, I am looking forward to finding that one guy that truly betters me, who I can be completely myself around.  In the meantime, however, I have my own single-minded spirit adventures to take…


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