i’ll hold you high.

I have developed a crush on the UPS boy. We have less than five minute interactions some days, and I’ve determined he’s probably very nice and would make a very good date to a formal dance, if “adults” still had those sort of things.

My little sister, Shannon, is in Louisville and has been for almost a month. I really want to see her, but it’s just not working out with gas and the timing of it all. I just want to hang out with her. I think that’s the part I hate most about not still living in Bolivar. I didn’t get to do her makeup for her school dances. She’s colored her hair a chocolate cherry-ish color, but I’ve only seen it in photos. She has a boyfriend! I don’t like not being able to witness her and my nephews grow up. Anyways, Shannon’s the coolest and I’m pretty bummed I won’t be seeing her for another six weeks.

An intern from one of Haber’s clients gave me a three-song demo today when he dropped stuff off. Quality. He was just giving it to me so I could listen, not in a “Here, hand this off to your boss and other music industry bigwigs you know,” kind of way. I appreciate that, and to top it off…he’s actually quite good at the genre he’s going for.

Ryan Adams’ version of “Wonderwall” is brilliant, by the way.


2 responses to “i’ll hold you high.

  1. ooh very nice. i dig the new site. very contemplative, i say.

    i’m excited for you and uganda. you-ganda, hehe. it’s gonna be the time of your life, i say.

    so i made your blogroll! i’m so honored.

  2. So I see how sad you are about not seeing Shannon! What about your babysitter??? She misses you too, you know the one who feeds you and let’s you cry on there shoulder!?!
    Just throwing it out there!
    I still love you though!

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