you’d be proud of me. i think.

My apartment is empty. And again, I’m living with the Yordy’s.

I thought I’d be more sad about leaving my very first apartment. But I’m not. I really treasured the quiet moments alone, laying in my bed and reading whatever book I fancied. I’m proud I did this on my own. However, for the past month or so, I’ve found myself longing for community more and more each day. I want to eat dinner with people and I want to have tea parties with my friends. I feel my energy rising and my patience growing.

I think my heart and my spirit have unconsciously moved into preparation mode for Uganda. Physically, I’m consciously making the effort. I’m immune to yellow fever, hepatitis A and typhoid. I need to get a booster of TDaP (DTaP, TdaP, DaPT?…tetanus), and I need to get my doxycycline (anti-malarial) prescription filled.

Each day I’m getting a little more anxious for this trip. I know people travel all the time, but this is exceptionally special for me. I can vividly recall sitting in Edding’s house having a conversation with Mark about Invisible Children. It’s been over three years since that conversation. It’s been over three years since God breathed a passion into my heart for orphaned children. And now, in almost exactly seven weeks, I’m headed to Kampala, Uganda, to work with orphans at Another Hope Children’s Ministry. To see this dream become a reality, to see God bring a desire to fruition…it’s inexplicably fulfilling.

Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life. Proverbs 13:12

Oh, and this makes me proud.


One response to “you’d be proud of me. i think.

  1. Hi Colleen,

    my name is Sebastian. This July I spend 3 weeks at the Another Hope orphanage, seting up a health care program. I will also keep on working with them as we are planing to build up a new orphanage at a remote site. In case you want to learn more, please visit (and link 🙂 my blog:
    or write me a mail to in case you have any further questions.

    keep it up, I am sure you will enjoy your stay!

    …oh, and please consider taking Mefloquin once a week instead of popping Doxy every day


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