54 days…

I really, really enjoy Jimmy Eat World. A lot. I’d probably qualify them as my favorite band. I recently (um, today) found the drummer’s blog. His blog led me to another blog, which was contrasting two worship songs. One was written by Derek Webb, the other was a worship song used by Mars Hill Church in Seattle.

I really, really enjoy downloading the Mars Hill sermons and listening to them when I get a chance. But some of the lyrics to the song this blog wrote about were a bit alarming, specifically the first verse:

From the first time you flooded the earth
To the last time You burned off the curse
To the way that You hated Your Son
When You hung all the sins of the world

I don’t think God ever hated Jesus? Anyways, I guess it just serves to show me that everything has some flaw. I don’t know. I’ll still love listening to the sermons, I just don’t agree with the lyrics in that song.

I had a really great dinner last night with some new friends. Eric and Ruth welcomed me into their home in east Nashville and let me hang out with their adorable son, Brennan. Ruth made a simply, but delicious dinner of rice, black beans and corn muffins, followed with a mixed berry cobbler. I think I enjoy family dinners more than almost anything else. There’s this unspoken understanding of community and fellowship, and it’s very comforting. I admired how kind this family was. Eric at one point told me they weren’t really making any more plans because it never works out, but instead they are “waiting on the Lord.” We talked about retirement and John Piper, Uganda and transitions.

They addressed one of the fears I have about my trip. I’m really nervous about how I’ll be after I return to the States. I told Ruth and Eric I didn’t want to come home and be this self-righteous, pious, judgmental Christian who is all the sudden looking down at everyone for taking everything for granted, I want to come home and use this experience in positively. Eric gave me some really great feedback. He explained that there’s a really fine line between “calling people out” and outright judging them, and probably the best way to avoid that is to remember that I am one in the same with the people I’d be “judging.”

Ramble, ramble ramble. I’m going to Uganda in 54 days!


One response to “54 days…

  1. It was so great having you over! I’m going to be a frequenter of your blog, and know that you are always welcome over here on the East Side…I hope to do it at least one more time before you leave. Thanks for the props. 🙂

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