Fifteen minutes.

I received an absurd amount of recorded phone calls today. They annoy me.

“Hello, this is an important call about your auto insurance.” -click-
“Hello, we are trying to connect you to a representative.” -click-
“Hey, it’s Suzanne with (name a company).” -click-

I’ve increasingly improved at recognizing robot voices disguised as humans. And come on, if it was that important, why wouldn’t an actual person call?

I have to work at Tayst tonight. I told them I’m going to Uganda on Wednesday and I don’t know how much longer I’ll have that job now. I was hoping I could ride it through August, but my boss didn’t make it sound as such. Regardless, he was cool about it and I respect he didn’t give me a huge guilt trip.

And tomorrow is Saturday. I am going to sleep in. Walk to Centennial Park and back. Maybe take some pictures. But mainly I’m going to sleep in. Maybe I’ll browse the little shops in the village since I won’t have the luxury of walking to them for much longer.

I could really catch some Z’s right now.


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