it goes likes this, the fourth, the fifth.

I am tired. My friend Andy came to town on Sunday evening to record some stuff with some other Nashville folks. He’s crashing on my couch/floor. We’ve watched the first three discs of season one of Lost. I keep falling asleep during the episodes. Last night, after I woke up after the forth episode we watched, I asked Andy what I missed “on the ship.” I meant to say “on the show,” but obviously it didn’t come out as such. Andy was really confused and now thinks I’m on coke.

Last night it thundered, no storm, just thunder. I don’t know if it’s rained at all today. But today would have been a good day to rain, and I would have stayed in my pajamas and in bed all day. Except I have to work. I’m taking next week off and going to Ohio. Andy and I are driving back overnight after I get off work tomorrow evening. He’s going home to go to Alive with his family. I’m going home to work at Alive. It’ll be nice to have a week off from my real jobs. I’m packing up some of my apartment as well, just a couple of boxes of things I know I won’t be using in the next three months.

I need a nap, my head hurts.


One response to “it goes likes this, the fourth, the fifth.

  1. hey so how bout you sneak me into alive and then we hang out?? whaddaya say? =)

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