A tribute to my old boy friends. (notice the space).

For the past three days a single memory has played over in my head. I think it took place in Alliance, Ohio. I know it took place in a Taco Bell. I was wearing a Radiohead hooded zip-up sweatshirt.

The boy behind the counter asked me about the sweatshirt, mentioning how he liked Radiohead. I didn’t (and still don’t really, negative cool points) listen to Radiohead. I motioned to my friend Zach and told the boy it was Zach’s sweatshirt, I just stole it for the night. I think that was the same night Zach, myself, Mallory and Nathan drove past the “haunted” insane asylum.

Zach and Nathan have both married. I’m thrilled for them and where their lives have taken them. And I’m sure both of their wives are some of the loveliest ladies ever. Selfishly, though, I miss them and the friendships we used to have. Zach would bring me donuts from his work. I remember one time I ran to the street to greet him, he was just stopping by to say hello. I hadn’t shaved my legs in days (more negative cool points, get over it), but he couldn’t have cared less.

Nathan was the boy I called when I was devastated. He’d pick me up, drive me around and calm me down. He’s the only boy who’s really seen me cry. One birthday, he made me a cake from scratch. He bought us tickets to see Jimmy Eat World in Pittsburgh. We made an entire day of the trip, and I scrapbooked it for him. I would like to think I was the same for Nathan, but I was so selfish with him.

The memories I have with those two are some of the best. Something about thinking about that moment in Taco Bell strangely brings me so much happiness and comfort.

I see now, a couple years later, how the way they treated me laid the foundation showing me how I deserve to be treated. I miss you guys. I miss our car rides, our talks and our friendships. Say hello to your wives, I hope I get to be their friend as well someday.


One response to “A tribute to my old boy friends. (notice the space).

  1. Interesting to know.

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