let me be a nerd.

kaley and i made our amazing race audition tape this past sunday. and it’s really awesome. based on all of the three episodes of that show i’ve seen, i’m fairly confident kaley and i will win.

somewhere along the way, maybe it was when i was rolling on the ground after being pummeled with a dodgeball or when i was i hanging out of kaley’s car giving her directions, i got a pretty amazing bruise by my left armpit. it’s the ugliest bruise i’ve had in a while. it’s not all that sore, but i should probably come up with some amazing tall-tale of how i received this battle wound. something with gnomes, pirates and unicorns. my 54-year-old (as of sunday) father has a gnome encyclopedia. i can draw some inspiration from that when i go back to ohio this weekend.

“colleen, how’d you get that nasty mark on your arm?”

“oh you know, i got into with a gnome.”

“a gnome?”

“yeah, cone-shaped hat. in the lawn. bearded. a gnome.”

“wow. that’s intense.”

“i know. and that’s just the beginning…”

from there i’d continue with more terrors of gnomes and pirates. and somehow a unicorn would be incorporated into the story. but i’m pretty sure the unicorn would be on my side because i once had a birthday cake with a unicorn on it.

enter new topic: i’m going to send a friend an encouraging card, simply because i can. when i’m sending someone who loves Jesus an encouraging card i often try to find a Bible verse to include, because that’s what brothers and sisters in Christ do for each other, right? right. for this particular card, i found an Old Testament verse that i had taken some notes on. allow me to quote it.


isaiah 35:3-4 — Strengthen the feeble hands, and steady the knees that give way; say to those with fearful hearts, “Be strong, do not fear; your God will come, he will come with vengeance; with divine retribution he will come to save you.”

colleen’s interpretation: God = Rambo, He-Man, Wolverine, Captain Planet and the Terminator combined. silly, i know. but kind of true.

done. and done.


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