i’m just like you so leave me alone.

dave. aunt carolyn. mallory. no one is visiting me. the past three weekends have been wonderful. i felt like a tour guide, and i was proud to show my friends and family the city i now call home. and i feel extremely loved that people would travel long distances and take their first flights just to see me.

but i am relieved that everyone is gone. and i have no more visitors lined up for a little while. i am exhausted. and i walked to work this morning. 1.7 miles is nothing.

i like being alone more than i’m willing to admit. not all the time. but i love getting tea at fido, accompanied only by a good book. i like sitting in my apartment eating special k (vanilla almond), borrowing the internet from a neighbor to catch up on episodes of the office and hanging out in my pjs.

i need to get back on track with my budget. i overspent the past two weeks. in the sermon two weeks ago my pastor said, “credit cards allow us to pretend to be someone we’re not.” live below your means, colleen, below them.

i’m going to africa for three months starting in september. i’ll write more on it later probably. i was going to book my plane ticket last week. but within a matter of minutes the prices went up $70. and my debit card wasn’t being accepted. i’m hoping the prices will drop again tomorrow, because it’s tuesday…and people are less inclined to purchase a plane ticket on tuesday, therefore the airlines drop their prices to increase purchases? i don’t know. it sounded like better logic in my head.

one week = glen hansard and marketa irglova. heck, yes.


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