the fedex never got shipped.

i can feel the bags under my eyes.

one of our newest clients is coming to meet with david today at 1 pm. maybe if i tape ice under my eyes, the bags will be gone by then.

what do i care? appearances are deceiving.

point number two:
i’m going to see Expelled, i saw Lord, Save Us From Your Followers, and i’m reading Jesus for President.

i recommend them all. and i also recommend loving people. really, hardcore, loving people. not a wave kind of love, but a conversation kind of love. there was a guy with a gas can at the gas station last night. he smiled really big and said, “hey! how are ya!?” i smiled back and replied, “good, thanks. you?” he went on to tell me he was good and asked which way i was headed. i said north and point to the right. he smiled and said “all right.” conversation over. i think he needed a ride to his car, i didn’t offer him one. i thought about it. but what if he was an ax-murderer? i regret not continuing the conversation and i regret not taking him to his car. we could have had an incredible conversation about life. or he could have killed me.

anyways, the gospel of Jesus is not a gospel of fear or condemnation. it’s a gospel about Love. a truth that is kind of painful to learn, because it requires us to step out of our comfort zones. and not just stick out foot outside of said “zone,” but really burst through the barriers and commit our entire person to being a tool of love.

i’m working on it Jesus.

3. africa, 2008, it’s happening.

and i need to purchase the following albums: bon iver, we shot the moon and joshua radin’s ep.


2 responses to “the fedex never got shipped.

  1. i can attest: bon iver is pretty incredible.

  2. Did you see Expelled yet? If so, you need to tell me your opinion….

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