admit it.

i don’t get it. i don’t understand how people can graduate high school, some even graduate college, and still walk around with the high-school-hierarchy mentality.

ugh, i guess i do get it. because i admit, i’m guilty of this from time to time. there’s some piece of me that when i tear another person down by making a quick, snide remark…i instantly feel just a tad bit bigger than them. it’s such a immature, social atrocity to commit. and the feeling of being better than someone never lasts for long. always, i end the day feeling guilty for being cruel.

in the two months i’ve been in nashville, it’s become very apparent people here seem more prone to act like high schoolers than people back in bolivar/canton. maybe it has to do with the emphasis this “scene” city places maintaining one’s image as the coolest/trendiest/most powerful person. but really, it makes you look like a jerk when you tear people down and use them as the butt of your jokes. and i kind of want to gag each time i witness it happening, be it to me or someone surrounding me. and i witness myself doing it…gah, how gross of a human can i be?

i miss being around grownups who act like grownups.

dear jerks of this new city, stop trying to climb the ladder of life by using others as the rungs. eventually it will all fall apart and you’ll be further down than the people you stepped on along the way.

i bought tulips for my apartment yesterday. and i put them in a vase. now my apartment is a little more cozy. and i wish you could be in it.


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