just chill out, i say.

they’ve assigned me filing duties. and today, i had a to-do list consisting of three fairly simple tasks. one, file paid bills. two, order office depot supplies. and three, finish mail forwarding.

i was on top of it. i got to work. opened my work email, then my personal email. did a ten-minute check of the myspace/facebook/relevant routine. and then by 9:30, i had started filing. i was feeling good until my stomach got hungry. and i looked up, it’s noon. ugh, ok. i’m halfway through the T’s. i eat lunch, then i get the mail. i do mail (takes about an hour…there’s got to be a quicker system, i just haven’t figured it out). and i return to finish filing. so around 3:45, i finally finish. and i’m so excited. i just killed these paid bills.

it’s too late to do the office depot order, oh well. and i’ll forward mail tomorrow. ok. i go to take the original file that holds all the bills that need to be filed, and bam. there is another huge stack of paid bills that need to be filed. i got so frustrated. and i stayed frustrated until 8 minutes ago.

then i realized, i’m a receptionist. i have eons to get this stuff done. and paid bills filing has now become priority 5,496 of mine. so i just need to chill out.

Wednesday: R&R filing (much easier and less time consuming), office depot order, finish forwarding.
Thursday: paid bills filing. maybe.

it’s ok. i’m taking over the world. and no one really knows it.

and by the way. i’m done eating raw cookie dough. it’s become a dangerously unhealthy habit for me in the past 1.5 weeks.


One response to “just chill out, i say.

  1. receptionists unite…taking over the world one step at a time!

    ps…your right raw cookie dough probably not a good idea.


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