dc talk circa 1996.

i listen to sermons at work. pretty much daily, i’ll listen to mark driscoll talk for an hour or so. i think some of my coworkers think i’m a nerd. oh well.

i’ve been listening to “the rebel’s guide to joy…” series, and the other day pastor driscoll made a statement that has completely turned my outlook on pretty much everything around.

“You will suffer. And when you suffer, suffer well. Suffer for Jesus, suffer like Jesus, suffer with Jesus. Let Jesus use the suffering to do something good in you. Let Jesus use the suffering to do something good through you. Don’t waste any of your suffering. It’s precious! It’s cost you so very much. Don’t waste it, invest it! Invest it in the gospel of Jesus, invest it in the people who know him and the people who need to.”

maybe the reason I was/am suffering is petty. and i’m sure there will come a moment down the road where i look back at this time in my life and i react with a “i was upset over that?!”

regardless, Jesus presents himself in my pain. and i almost hate saying that, because it falls into all those abstract things Christians tend to say to explain how God is working in their life. and i don’t know how to really explain what i even mean about Jesus making his presence known in my pain, except that i’m just feeling like myself again. i’m doing “boom chicka boom” cheers at dodgeball, talking to theresa in my excited 1,000 wpm voice and i’m excited to be on my own, in nashville. and by on my own, i mean with Jesus.

Job 36:15 – “But those who suffer he delivers in their suffering; he speaks to them in their affliction.”

ok, i should probably stare at the ovaries painting some more and drink my tea.


One response to “dc talk circa 1996.

  1. my excited 1,000 wpm voice

    Are those “Watsons per minute?”

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