and a happy valentine’s day to you.

i don’t think it’s every really smart to go to bed and expect to be depressed when you wake up in the morning. regardless, today’s gone much better than i anticipated. it’s a good day.

i got paid. my boss gave me some necco sweethearts candy…and she conspired with two of my other coworkers to give me a rose supposedly from a third coworker, but i saw right through their scheme. i started the morning with chai tea and princess chapstick. things are going good.

i think there’s only been one valentine’s day where i actually was in a relationship. and it was kind of lame. sorry donny, but you got me an ape that sang “i’m too sexy.” seriously, now. honestly, i had high hopes for this valentine’s day about two months ago. but no more.

instead i promised jesus i’ll stop biting my nails. and jesus promised me he’ll heal my heart.

ps – a king size mattress set and two curtain rods later, i have furniture covers! now if only i could open my windows. and i can’t stop listening to denison witmer’s “stations” because i love, love, love it.


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