if my blog was a person, it would hate me. i neglect it for months at a time. and delete it’s history, but not before i save a copy of what i wrote on my computer somewhere.

but it’s still around, and i’ve decided to resurrect it for the umpteenth time.

if you care, here’s an update. i moved to nashville. got an apartment. bought furniture that smells like dog. started not one, but two jobs. spent most of my savings on said apartment and the necessities that come with it. and that’s that.

my heart wants to go to africa. my bank account does not. i’m working on it. some really nice people i know gave me some money last year to help me pursue the africa deal. and that money has not been touched. and i fully intend to use it for it’s intended purpose. now i just need to build on it again.

it’s snowing in nashville. and in ohio.

that’s all you get today.


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